Great new interview with Professor Noakes

Here’s a great new interview with Professor Noakes. What is all the controversy about low-carb, high-fat diet advice really about? Professor Noakes explains it eloquently.


Low Carb for Beginners

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Great Interview with Professor Tim Noakes – Driving the Revolution

Tim Noakes and the Case for Low Carb

“To See Your Child Shine with Happiness Is Just an Amazing Feeling”

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  1. Marion
    Faizal Sayed is an excellent interviewer who poses great questions and lets the interviewed answer his questions.

    One thing I would love to hear emphasized more in interviews, media etc., is that Low Carb is NOT a 'fad diet' (this is how The Establishment likes to wave us away, 'oh those nutty nuts with their nutty Fad Diets, whatever will they come up next, it's bad enough that these Fad Diets harm these nutty nuts, but their weird fads Will Kill People, blah blah blah'. I would love to see the emphasis on how High Carb is actually a fad whenever we talk with any kind of media.
    Human beings have been around for, depending on your definition of 'human beings, for, say, a million years. Modern humans, so the scientists say, have been walking on this planet for 200.000 years. Agriculture was starting in a few isolated places around possibly 10.000 BC. Even as short as 100, 150 years ago, a fairly large portion of the human population still lived as hunter gatherers. I've got a Masters degree in History (History of Medicine as a speciality) and as first years we were taught how archeologists (in Europe) can determine wether human remains were from an agricultural (modern) group or hunter gatherer (neolithical) group, simply because people became shorter, sicker and had more teeth problems when changing to agriculture (wheat and less meat and fat).
    Refined sugar has been introduced to the Western diet only 500 years ago, and when you look at the death certificates in Tudor England, 'teeth' becomes a large part of the cause of death (I'm not kidding - tooth abcesses kill people). Less than 100 years ago, the average American consumed less than 4 pounds of sugar a year. Now it's arount 150 to 170 pounds a year, and if that sounds a lot (which it is), it's relatively easy to do.
    And don't even get me started on seed-oils!!
    So my point is: I would LOVE to see more LCHF advocates emphasize that what we eat is what humans have been eating for 99.99% of human history. It's the sugar and vegetable oils that are recent additions, and even fifty, sixty years ago the medical establishment gave LCHF advise to their diabetic patients.

    If all human history was represented in one year, we've only started to eat high carb in the last few seconds or so.

    It's the high carb, low fat diet that is the Fad Diet.

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