New guide: IBS and the keto diet

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Do you ever have recurring stomach issues, like abdominal bloating, pain, diarrhea and/or constipation, flatulence, cramping or nausea? If so, the most likely reason could be IBS,1 something that affects about 15 percent of every man and woman on the planet.

Could a keto diet be an effective way to improve IBS? Check out our extensive new guide:

IBS and the keto diet

  1. Irritable bowel syndrome


  1. Debra
    I would like a little more information on constipation, the button that seem to take me to the constipation question and answers does not respond. Thank you so very much
  2. Susan
    Agree. Did not supply information about constipation that a low carb diet causes..
  3. Linda
    Agree...what’s best solution for constipation??
  4. Beonka
    You can find information about constipation in the beginner series, or just search it on
  5. Mike
    Since starting LCHF 3–4 days ago, I've had diarrhea shortly each meal. (Only one meal a day, in the evening.) I don't see this as a listed side effect. Could it be something else? An adjustment to higher fat? Rebellion to no junk food?
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  6. Diana
    After experiencing it myself, I researched and read that some people get diarrhea when starting a low carb diet. I had the same experience.. Its normal and goes away, as the body adjusts. Some people get constipated, others like us get initial diarrhea.
  7. Lee
    All of my stomach issues have disappeared since doing keto!! I was never diagnosed with IBS officially, but I had a lot of issues. So happy with that!!

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