1. Maryn
    I'm very excited about this article and can totally relate with this since my 13 year old daughter has Tourette's. I have been following a ketogenic diet for 10 weeks when I watched The Magic Pill and decided to also start my daughter on keto. It's only been 2 weeks now but there is a definite and remarkable improvement to her tics. Almost no peeps or squeaks and a visible reduction in squinting! I am so excited and cant wait to see what happens when she's been on it for a longer time period. (She has also lost 2kg, even though she is not overweight, I've lost 14kg so far).
  2. Birgit
    Some people make claims that such mental conditions can be cured by Keto or that the western diet causes them. However, these conditions existed in our societies before we changed the diet. Unsurprisingly I am not cured either. That is actually a good thing, for I would be a different person without it. Very low carb does however increase my performance, and does help me deal with society. It might as well be a side effect of the even energy level irrespective of the time and amount of eating.
  3. Shawheen
    I can relate to this article so well due to my 40 years struggle thru life. I was at my darkest place in March of 2007, but it was only after I adopted a Ketogenic diet in August of 2016 that life has made a 180 degree turn to the better. If only I knew, or rather my parents knew while I was struggling with all aspects of life. Now in my 50s, I try to concentrate on the positive and not get angry for what could have been.

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