New genetic study: Obesity may be caused by high insulin


Is eating big portions of food and laying on the couch for too long the culprit in the obesity epidemic? Eating too much, and moving to little? That’s the message we’ve been fed for decades, during the obesity epidemic, so saying that it has not worked out great is quite an understatement.

Now a new genetic study conducted by Harvard-based Dr. David Ludwig and colleagues provides new support for an alternative explanation, with the fat-storing hormone insulin as the main controlling factor in obesity.

In the study they found that genes leading to higher insulin secretion are very strongly linked to higher body weight. This provides relatively strong support for the theory that the higher insulin (primarily released when eating carbs) actually causes obesity. This as we know that the genes come first, before any lifestyle factors during life.

Dr. David Ludwig and Professor Tim Noakes both supply interesting comments on the study:

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Dr. Ludwig: “When you eat the right quality and balance of foods, your body can do the rest on its own”

Do we become fat because we’re overeating, or do we overeat because we’re becoming fat?


  1. Josh
    How can I find out more information on keeping insulin low? I know eating keto helps, but are there certain "keto" foods that have different effects on insulin levels?
  2. Jason
    Not really, as long as it's actually keto food aka high fat low protein even lower carb. No sugar very low carb and your insulin will drop. Fruits have different insulin/glycemic responses like mangos are very high insulin response blueberries are much less. But they aren't keto. True keto food will be very productive for keeping insulin down.
  3. Nata
    Isnt high fat food bad for liver and pancreas? I know for sure that high fat diet causing gallbladder stone formation.
    Reply: #5
  4. James
    Look up Dr Berg on youtube. He has a lot of videos on the subject.
  5. Gentiann
    High fat diets keep the gallbladder active, keeping stones from forming. It's low fat diets that are causing stones on the gallbladder by keeping it inactive
  6. Gwen
    Can you do a Keto diet if you have high cholesterol?
    Reply: #7
  7. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Gwen!

    I recommend that you read this:

    Can you do a Keto diet if you have high cholesterol?

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