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We’ve just added a new very cool feature to the site. Selected recipes (among other posts) now have full screen images. You can check out these as examples:

How do you think it looks?

Update: Turns out the headline got to big and obstructed the image on smaller mobile screens. This has now been fixed!


  1. Stina
    Love the photos. However, cannot get the cheese puff recipe to work. Have tried various types of brie and cheese curds. They only melt, not puff. Is there a kind of cheese available in the USA that works? Is there a translation problem with the directions--is the microwave supposed to be on highest power? Do you need a certain kind of very powerful microwave? Has anyone had success? I would love to know how to make this recipe work. Please post if you can help me!
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  2. bill
    I use a cheap little microwave and cheddar
    cheese. They just get flat and crunchy.
    Good, though.
  3. Leo
    Does not work in Firefox, you only see a smal part of the large image - it's way to the right. Works in Chrome and looks nice :).
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  4. Chrissy works fine for me and I'm using firefox as my chrome isn't working on windows 10.

    Looks great and this recipe section is brilliant. I'm so glad it's still under free content as not all of us have the financial capacity to take out a paid membership sadly.

  5. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Stina, the President Brie is supposed to work. Which brie did you try?
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yeah, we'll have to fix that. Thanks!
  7. Johan Eenfeldt Team Diet Doctor
    Leo, should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!

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