New documentary about incredible physical performance on LCHF – just released

This is interesting. Can you exercise and perform better physically with a lot fewer carbohydrates? Claiming this used to be dismissed as nonsense… but now more and more athletes have shown that it’s possible, by winning competitions and shattering records.

Here’s a brand new documentary featuring interviews with some of the top scientists and athletes in the field. The movie also follows a couple that takes on the impossible: rowing alone from California to Hawaii… on 80% fat and no added sugar.

I watched an early screening of the movie in Cape Town last week and it’s both eye-opening and entertaining… well worth seeing. You can watch the trailer above and here’s a link to watch the movie online.

Watch Full Movie

Watch the entire movie

The price supports the movie maker Donal O’Neill and his upcoming movie project, in a related field.


Kickstart This Year’s Exercise – Properly


  1. bill
    Half-way through the movie. Great so far.
    But I gotta go to work.
  2. Carol
    A friend of mine is a long distance runner. She reports greater stamina on low carb; less need to refuel along the way.
  3. Frances Lilian
    Spot on! Look'n good!... keep up the good work! :)
  4. Dave
    Is it subtitled in English?
    Reply: #8
  5. Lisa
    Thanks for the heads up. I just rented it.
  6. Janice Morris
    On some levels this is ridiculous. The High Carb Low Fat athletes and followers in general are not using and advocating processed high carb substances. Fruits, whole grains, potatoes, vegetables and legumes are whole foods, only an uninformed idiot would be using processed cereals and other substances to fuel their body. I like learning and hearing about High Fat Low Carb athletes and success stories, but let's not make a sweeping characterization the High Carb people are eating junk, cause the ones who are elite athletes and lay folk in general, are not.
    Replies: #7, #9
  7. bill
    Finished watching and rewatched it. Very good.
    I highly recommend it.

    JM: Red Herring much?

  8. erdoke
    Some parts (Irish and Australian accents? :) ) are fortified with a subtitle, but in general there are no subs. In fact, as a foreign speaker of English, I had no issues with understanding the subbed parts, but someone obviously thought that these could have caused difficulties.
  9. erdoke
    Please learn about carb loading techniques to better understand where these people are transitioning from.
  10. Tony
    I don't seem to be able to watch it in my region (UK). What gives?

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