New diabetes cases, at long last, begin to fall in the United States!

Finally some truly good health news from the US. New cases of diabetes have clearly started to fall, according to new statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

NYT: New Diabetes Cases, at Long Last, Begin to Fall in the United States

Unfortunately this does not mean the epidemic of diabetes in the US has gone into reverse yet. The number of people with diabetes is still increasing. But the rate of increase is slowing down. This is a sign that we’re doing something right, and if we continue to do even more of it the entire epidemic may turn around.

So what has happened? I think the biggest change is pretty clear. Sugar consumption is down. Soda consumption is way down. Even total carbohydrate intake has started to decrease a bit.

Americans are consuming less of the things – bad carbs – that rapidly turn into blood sugar. That’s likely why fewer people get diabetes. If the trend continues we could reverse the entire epidemic.


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  1. chris c
    OK, now taking bets on who is going to be the first to claim that "finally Americans are eating a low fat diet!" My money is on Harvard . . .

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