New Canadian dietary guidelines: Cut back on sugar and eat healthy fats


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Here’s good news for all Canadians out there. The new guidelines will start reflecting the current science to a larger extent, advising people to eat less sugar and more healthy fats.

Canadians may soon be encouraged to eat more fibre, less sugar and not fret too much regarding overall fat intake.

The 10-year-old Canadian Food Guide is in the process of being updated after about three years of research and consultation. The final product isn’t ready, but it’s shaping up to look a lot different than the current model.

CBC News: Proposed new food guide tells Canadians to cut back on sugar and eat better fats

Of course it’s still going to be far from perfect. In particular the obsolete fear of natural saturated fat is still not gone. But at least it’s a start.


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  1. gbl

    Jenkins has a different take on this study, and why not? He developed the glycemic index and everything since that has just built on it. Meanwhile, Asians who eat their traditional diet of rice and low animal intake are thin and have far less of the diseases we experience.

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