The new Gary Taubes book: The Case Against Sugar

A Case Against Sugar

Gary Taubes is one of the true pioneers of the low-carb movement of the last two decades. His major articles in Science (2001) and The New York Times (2002), followed by the trailblazing book Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007) were hugely influential. After that he’s written a more consumer-friendly and shorter book called Why We Get Fat (2011).

If it was not for these writings this website might not exist, and I could be doing something entirely different and altogether less interesting.

Finally Taubes is now done with his next book, to be published at the end of December this year. Here it is:

Penguin Random House: The Case Against Sugar

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  1. Val
    Awesome, just pre-ordered it on Amazon.
  2. Ann
    Can't wait!
  3. Paul
    Thanks for the tip. Like Val and Ann I preordered it to show support: vote with your pocketbook! Supporting the LCHF movement seems natural and essential to me given my own transformation. And DietDoctor makes it easy and even fun! I suppose it's fair to say that growing DietDoctor will shrink a lot of people. Thanks again.
  4. Cindy C

    What this seems to be saying is-everyone there is addicted to sugar, and will pay whatever they have to to get it.

    Taubes talks about his new book and addictive nature of sugar. His take is that sucrose and HFCS act the same.

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