New analysis: Weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes

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Current treatment of type 2 diabetes focuses on managing the disease with medications (mostly). But a new analysis finds that more should be done to help patients lose weight in the long run, given its potential to reverse the disease.

People can reverse their diabetes by losing about 33 pounds, say the authors of the new paper, despite popular belief that the diagnosis is always a permanent one. If more people were striving for this goal, and if more doctors were documenting instances of diabetes remission, complication rates and health-care costs could both be reduced dramatically, the authors say.

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  1. lim wee piu
    i m a diabetic and my HBA1c is 14.5, tryclerirde level ever reach 2300 seven months ago. i go on daily excervise and cut down on 70percent carb and now HB1Ac is 5 and triglyceride is now 75. believe that exercise and dieting can reverse diabeties. I was formally 97kg and today i m 79kg.
  2. lim wee piu

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