New ad to reduce soda drinking – using Coca-Cola’s own slogan


Coca-Cola’s slogan in Mexico is to “make someone happy.” But how much happiness do you really spread by convincing people in the world’s fattest country to consume even more sugar?

A new ad campaign is turning Coca-Cola’s slogan against them: Mexican Advertisement Ties Coke to Obesity Discourages Consuming It


The Soda Industry Suffers Historic Loss in the US

Coca-Cola Admits Its Big Fat Problem


  1. FrankG
    OK.. I'll admit I teared up when the Mother gently but firmly pushed away the bottle of Cola and poured her Daughter some water instead... such a simple act of love and caring but with such meaning and impact for their future :-)
  2. Paul the rat
    This is a classic product placement strategy by Coca Cola. Coca Cola knows that those who watch will not remember the glass of water, but they will remember the bottle of Coca Cola.
  3. Valerie
    I quick Googling tells me that Mexico is not even close to being the fattest country in the World. There are, for instance, many little islands in the Pacific with much, much higher obesity rates than Mexico. Now, I'm not saying that obesity is not a problem in Mexico, but there is no need to distort the facts to get your point across.
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  4. FrankG
    So tell me Valerie, how exactly do you define "the fattest country in the World"..? Is it perhaps simply the country with the highest percentage of overweight people... remembering of course that if 5,000 out of 10,000 people on a small island nation are obese, that woud be a whopping 50%..! with, of course the USA and even Mexixo having just a few more people than a small island of 10,000 souls.. right? Maybe it comes down to the absolute number of people in any one country that are obese? Or which country has the highest average BMI, or waist measurment? What do you say?

    Or maybe it isn't some kind of competition? Certainly not one that any country ought to be proud of. And maybe (just maybe) Mexico being "the fattest" is NOT really the point of this post after all? :-P Feliz navidad!

  5. Mike
    Mexico's being the "most obese country in the world" is based on its adult obesity rate. This is now 32.8%, which is slightly ahead of the U.S. See, for example:

    Rather than attacking the good doctor, I think it's important to look at this. Notice that the news source above notes:

    "Even as nearly half its people are poor and as officials launch a national anti-hunger campaign, Mexico by some accounts recently has replaced the United States as the chubbiest of the globe's larger countries. …"

    Sound familiar? Has anyone read Gary Taubes' "Good Calories, Bad Calories"? It's not "gluttony and sloth" that is the problem behind obesity. It's often the poor that are fat. Again:

    " 'The same people who are malnourished are the ones who are becoming obese,' said physician Abelardo Avila with Mexico's National Nutrition Institute. "In the poor classes we have obese parents and malnourished children. The worst thing is the children are becoming programmed for obesity. ..."

    Yup. So let's try to b----y well do something about it. This is what Andreas is trying to do in a small way. The news report also notes:

    "Diabetes alone kills as many as 70,000 people a year in Mexico -- roughly equal to the deaths authorities say are caused by more than six years of the country's gangland wars. …"

    Did anyone else notice what I take to be the Spanish word for "amputee" flash up on the screen? Did you see the guy in the wheelchair who'd obviously had a limb off?

    People can sneer about wanting to cry when the child was offered water instead, but losing limbs to keep the profits rolling in for corporate sharks like Coca-Cola is no joke. And Coca-Cola knows darn well what it's doing.

  6. erdoke
    Calorie focused people fail to understand that malnourishment exists beyond sufficient caloric intake. In fact providing all necessary nutrients in the proper ratio is not at all directly linked to the energy content of foods consumed. Poor food choices, especially those of refined industrial ones, lack nutrients or contain them out of balance. This is exactly how over time hunger becomes unlinked from calories taken. This time frame depends on genetics, imbalance of nutrients, etc.
    As I see it now, being healthy from the nutritional perspective is not so difficult. Eat a great variety of unrefined whole foods, avoid all industrial junk including vegetable oils and margarines, and last but not least, make sure that vitamin D level is continuously high by either taking regular sunbath (when and where appropriate) or supplementing 4-5'000 IU daily together with natural fatty meals. It goes without saying that excessive consumption of refined carbs plays a big role, but that's not all. There seems to be a consensus between advocates of different diets that regular fasting is extremely beneficial and it is not rocket science to recognize that LCHF is a prolonged fasting regimen if protein is kept low and/or less insulinogenic varieties are opted for. Depending on the stage of the hormonal imbalance at the time of intervention, LCHF might not be necessary to keep on the long term. For some people (ideally for most) a kind of Paleo + IF regimen would fit. I have the impression that most women are doing better if more fruits and root vegetables are included in their diet. Kind of the gatherer heritage?
  7. Thomas E.
    Sorry, this verge even more on the politics side. But that sad part is, the technology exists to do wonders.

    Dr. Hans Rosling has some interesting demographic discussions, in a nut shell, the more advanced a population gets, the birthrate drops, all countries have seen birth rate decreases, over population is not what we are going to have to worry about!

    Feeding the people here is. And with that, with liquid sodium bed based Thorium reactors are completely passively safe, impossible for a triple failure such a Fukishima to cause a meltdown. There are mass produced LEDs that produce exact light spectrum for exceptionally efficient hydroponics and of course, amazing water filter technologies.

    All the components are there to manufacture vegetables, throughout the world.

    Lose the massive wheat/corn fields, especially those crops for ethanol, (BTW, Ethanol, agriculture policy masquerading as an energy policy), allow free range cattle.

    So, not only could we likely feed the world, but we would be more ecologically friendly.

    So, would it not make sense, instead of spending the trillions on healthcare for preventable disease, to spend the trillions on food and ecologically sound energy? (rhetorical)

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  8. erdoke

    All the components are there to manufacture vegetables

    I'm afraid this confidence about knowing everything what we need to have in foods has played an important role in getting to the disastrous health situation we are dealing with right now. It is by far not enough to create a shortlist of macronutrients and calories, then tick them off one by one and lean back in the chair with a pleased smile on the face. Different important balances exist between amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and micronutrients which have a great influence on health on the long term. Nutrient starvation and imbalance is all around causing most of the so called modern diseases.

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  9. Thomas E.

    I'm afraid this confidence about knowing everything what we need to have in foods has played an important role in getting to the disastrous health situation we are dealing with right now.

    Can't disagree with you.

    Better is often the enemy of good enough

    If all we can do in the short term is replace some of the corn with broccoli, they would be better off, maybe marginally so, but still better. It is all in degrees, some people can do well with crappy nutrition, some people still do badly even with good nutrition, but many people might do okay with "okay" nutrition. Shooting for okay nutrition would be a good step.

  10. frank f.
    re: OK.. I'll admit I teared up when the Mother gently but firmly pushed away the bottle

    Me too, wept so hard that I then had to take a pill and lie down.
    The minister was called, but even he could not console me.

  11. Johanna
    Wow, great!
    I sent it to almost all my contacts.... just as a reminder!
  12. Mary
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  13. drG
    Coke is everywhere. My liitle flight napkin pushing Coke products carried the slogan "open happiness". Life is so fast and stressful for so many that Coke figured that happiness is sellable. How sad!
  14. Erick Bailón
    The amount of people confused with this advertisement is way too high.
    The advertisement is good, yes, it shows caring and a lot of etc., but, it was not, ever, advertised or showed on TV in México. Ever. The media is all bought by political organizations and they will not transmit any of this stuff (or any real facts about almost anything). I live in México and i love this kind of videos you are putting here, and that you can find in the internet, but people here does not know of their existence, they are alienated with mexican novels and worrying news on TV, and the culture here to research about any kind of nutrition is almost non-existent. Is even hard for me (i'm a nutrition college student) to take classes and watch my professors with the same nutrition fallacies for the SAD. Just saying, so you can be aware that the situation here is very different than you may wonder.
  15. Laila Terra
    Hello all the keto-lovers and curious ones!

    I started my Ketogenic diet around end of November and I just turned 2 months this week. I congratulate everyone that is following a Ketogenic diet. It's an amazing diet and a wonderful lifestyle to follow. I thought carbs were necessary for a human life but when I found out that they are not, I immediately looked into it which lead me to the keto diet.

    I have chronicled my journey in my youtube channel. So far, 24 videos in English and I also put up about 16 in Spanish for those that don't speak English or for those with parents or family that is Spanish speaking.



    Good luck everyone and stay in Ketosis!

    Laila Terra

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