“I have never lost this much weight in the places I want to lose it with such little effort”


This year over 57,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


The two-week challenge was great. The food was tasty and easy to prepare and having leftovers for lunch each day was a great timesaver. I am a little tired of eggs now though and look forward to trying fasting. I lost 8.4 pounds (4 kg). My mood and energy levels are much improved as well (I was referred to the website by my GP after very low iron levels led to a discussion about my eating habits – who am I to argue with a doctor telling me to eat bacon every day ?).



My name is Carolyn. I went on the two-week challenge. I did feel a little sick but, I felt better after two days. I lost 5 lbs (2 kg) and have a lot of energy. Thank you for making the two-week challenge plan affordable (how can you beat free :). It made me free like you cared about the person and helping them get healthy and make life changes that will help them have a better quality of life. I plan to stay on the low-carb plan even when I reach my ideal weight.

This new way of eating (new to me), is what I needed. I did not understand why I would watch what I was eating and still not lose weight. I was checking some things on the internet about, how to lose weight. I came across your website and it has changed my life. I can eat like this all my life. The low-carb way of eating is great. I can eat REAL food, (food I love). Being able to eat the food I love helps me to keep eating correctly.

The Doctor said; I had high blood pressure. I do feel better and the readings on my blood pressure monitor is better.

I can not thank you enough for the, diet plan, recipes, and the videos.



I signed up for this initially for myself. When I told my wife and daughter what I was doing they wanted to join. At first, adjusting the servings to three people was difficult until I figured out you can have the menu do it for you. I loved the menu for a week. The question at our house is always,”What do you want for dinner”. With the weekly menu there wasn’t a question. Except for a few things most of the meals were tasty and satisfying. I have lost 11 pounds (5 kg) in two weeks, and my wife and daughter have had similar results. We are going to start week three this week. We plan on then restarting and continuing for another few weeks. I did have a few of the side effects, bad breath mainly, but I just introduced a few more carbs and that seems to have gone away now. In all the program is easy to follow and I feel has been very beneficial to my family and myself.

Thank you for making this available to all,
Maria and Kevin


It’s excellent. Easy to follow and participate in, well planned and clearly, efficiently communicated, very good meal plan and recipes.

I’m not confident, however, that I will attain my healthy weight goals without running a calorie deficit for some time. That’s my challenge now and I hope this approach will help.

Thank you for providing this great support tool and service.


Good morning,

I would like to provide you some feedback as requested on the 2-week challenge. One day I was YouTube surfing when I stumbled across “Butter Bob’s Butter makes your pants fall off” video. After watching his video I was very intrigued and continued on my search for more information and that is when I found your website. The very next day I convinced my sister, husband and niece to all do the challenge with me and off we went shopping and food prepping that Sunday.

We didn’t take photos or measurements, only my husband and I weighed in that Monday due to skepticism. Here are our results based on weight:

  • Myself – started @ 242.3 lbs (110 kg) and finished off @ 229.9 lbs (104 kg). Total Loss of 12.4 lbs (5.6 kg).
  • Husband – started @ 220.5 lbs (100 kg) and finished off @ 209.5 (95 kg). Total loss of 11 lbs (5 kg).
  • Sister – Not sure of start but weighed in the first Friday @ 255 lbs (116 kg) and finished off @ 245 lbs (111 kg). Total Loss of 10+ lbs (4+ kg).
  • Niece – Not sure of start but around 210 (95 kg) and finished off @ 198 lbs (90 kg). Total Loss of 10-12 lbs (4–5 kg).

We are extremely happy we did the challenge, not only due to the weight loss but also because we all felt really great during the challenge which was really easy to follow. We found that meal prepping on Saturday/Sunday for the week ahead really helped us to stick to it. In addition, my daughter loved most of the meals and has been requesting some of her favorites.

Personally, I found that this way of eating really made me feel so much better. As far as my husband’s experience, he had a bit of a hard time due to the fact that he is a big time snacker and likes to have his after dinner “dessert” (usually some type of chocolate or chips or cookies). Not that he felt he needed something but rather due to the habit of doing this. So I gave him some pork rinds and dark chocolate as treats in the second week.

Also, he works rotating shifts and ended up switching from day shift on week 1 to night shift on week 2. This took a bit more planning, but overall it was easy. He did notice his weight went up a few lbs and then back down again a few days later with the shift change. One suggestion is to weigh daily but to be aware of the ups and downs and not get discouraged. I found that for me it was a motivator on the down days and the up days I had to tell myself it is ok. Normally after a day or two of up or stable weight, there was usually a loss of couple of pounds.

I must thank you for all your hard work on preparing the menu and shopping lists, this was the key to our success (specially the option for shopping for 4). We have all decided to continue on for another week, following your week 3 menu, and I am already thinking of how to prepare for the weeks after that. My husband and niece have decided to go a bit more liberal so they are adding a few things to their diet.

I have found that both my sister and I are most motivated due to the fact that we are more involved in the planning, prepping as well as watching lots of videos and learning more about the diet and its impacts. Both my husband and niece are more follow along and eat whatever we tell them to.

Again, I must thank you for all the work on the site to provide us with an easy to follow diet and all the scientific data videos, etc. For me I trust that this is my new way of life, I just feel so much better eating this way and I have never lost this much weight in the places I want to lose it with such little effort. The body sure does know what it wants.

Thank you so much.


I lost 9 lbs (4 kg) in the first 2 weeks of the challenge. I don’t feel any different, clothes don’t feel any different… but the scales says 9 lbs (4 kg)!!

I’m finding it pretty easy to follow. So far, so good!

I loved the low-carb challenge. The amazing website helps me with sorting out what to eat, how much and when! The recipes are awesome and I’m down 10 pounds (5 kg) so far – I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal!! Thank you Diet Doctor!!


I have been doing LCHF for awhile now… actually a long journey over the last few years starting with Atkins and then researching and reading and then finding Diet Doctor when it seems you were just getting started.

I recently found you again and the difference in the site is remarkable. I have read LOTS of sites and research on LCHF but your site is incredible and full of information I wish I had in the beginning such as not using sugar alcohols.

I really have not been able to lose weight (I needed to lose about 20 lbs –9 kg) until I started reading about and practicing intermittent fasting. Your pictures, short and meaningful videos, and the videos from other experts on the whole site are exemplary. I am a member so I have access to even more.

The recipes are simple and delicious… easy for someone starting out to make and plenty of them. What is really impressive to me is that the doctors on your team are dedicated to helping people. WELL DONE.



Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

I decided to take the 2-week LCHF challenge when I reached a point in my life where I just became sick and tired of worrying about my health. After my most recent lab work, the results showed that my A1C was elevated to 6.4 and my total cholesterol reached an all time high of 333. I’m 63 and recently retired after 45+ years of working in high stress fields. I’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting all of my life and lost and gained significant amounts of weight throughout. I’d like to grow old gracefully and healthy and decided that it was now or never to make changes that would help me achieve that goal.

I’m thrilled by the results I’m seeing after completing the two week challenge. I weighed in at 198 lbs (90 kg). with a waist circumference of 41″ (104 cm) when I began. In two weeks I’ve lost 7.5 lbs (3 kg) and although my waist measures 41″ (104 cm) I’m sure that will change as I continue on this path. My appetite is curbed and I am not craving carbohydrates or sweets. I’ve opted to follow the 3rd week to fortify my commitment to myself to lose at least an additional 31 lbs (14 kg). and to continue following this way of eating as a lifestyle change, not a diet. I feel healthier than I was feeling prior to beginning the challenge and my joint inflammation has decreased noticeably.

You’ve taken the stress out of making the necessary changes and made it so easy to follow by providing the daily menu guidelines and recipes, which are delicious! I think the simplicity of your program will actually be the key to my success.

Thank you!


I am down 8+ pounds (3.5 kg) in my first two weeks. So far it has been easy. Even travelling at least three days a week.

Went to a family function and everyone really saw a thinner me, with so little lost. Starting weight was 218 lbs (99 kg) and I am bouncing between 209 and 210 lbs (94 and 95 kg). Plateau’d for
a couple days. Looking forward to being below 200 lbs (91 kg) and then on to 185 lbs (83 kg).

Thank you for the site and direction.


Hi Dr. Eenfeldt,

I am enjoying the LCHF diet. I’ve lost a few pounds and I’m feeling satisfied after meals, not having any sugar cravings which is amazing!

I did not follow all of the recipes, but followed the plan. I usually don’t have time to cook every day, so sometimes I’ll make a roast in the crock pot, or cook up a few hamburgers ahead of time.

I just went and had my cholesterol and blood sugar labs taken – will get results soon. Last time I had them checked my doctor was ready to start me on a diabetes medication, and I am currently on niacin for my cholesterol. Cholesterol has been in the 300s. I don’t tolerate statins, so I’m hoping this plan will help me lose the weight to get my numbers back to normal in a healthy way.

Thanks for your website – very helpful videos!


I am 70 years old. I was on a low-carb low-fat diet years ago for hypoglycemia and allergies. I felt great and got my allergies under control. As years passed, I gradually went back to the standard way of eating. I know I have an addiction to sugar. Started when I was a child by way of a doting grandpa. LCHF diet is easier since I don’t need to watch the amount of fat.

My only problem is that many of your menus and recipes have avocados and I am allergic. Wish there was some alternative because I like the remainder. Also I am the cook in the family and my two sons and especially daughter-in-law are high-carb/sugar people and there is no way to convince them high fat is healthier. All that said I have lost 2 pounds (1 kg) and an inch (2 cm) off my waist. I am small but I was getting a belly that I didn’t like. My BMI is 21.6, not fat. Just uncomfortable with a belly. I heard about you from Dr. Mercola website. I will continue to follow your suggestions.

Thank you,


Dear Dr Eenfeldt,

I lost 4.5 kg (10 lbs) in two weeks thanks to your website. I will continue this diet forever ???. I’m now experimenting with keto and intermittent fasting. By the way, when will your book be published?

The daily emails and articles are great. I wish there was an app or database that shows the breakdown of carbs, protein, fat etc. for all the food items we consume. More articles would also be great.

Also I would like more choice of breakfast without eggs, and inclusion of more seafood and smoked fish in the menus. The same goes for more recipes of bread alternatives.

In my opinion you have saved numerous lives with your website. Welcome to use my email publicly as feedback.

Keep up the good work. This is the only lifestyle diet that actually works.



Dear Diet Doctor,

My wife and I both stated the low-carb challenge together and can report my wife lost 4 lbs (2 kg) and I lost 5 lbs (2 kg). We are absolutely delighted with the results so far and having downloaded a number of recipes intend to continue with the diet. In fact, we both realise that this has to be a life change and have already begun recommending the diet approach to our friends.

We are both grateful for the work you and your colleagues are doing to educate the public so that we can improve our health and decrease our dependency on medication.

I must admit, I went out for an 18-mile cycle ride after 5 days of the LC diet and was completely exhausted at the end. I went back to ur website and became informed increased energy levels does not take place for some weeks. That information proved to be a source of encouragement to me.

Both my wife and I are 70 years of age.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
Paul and Christine



Thanks! Gratitude, that’s what I think as I reflect on the challenge! I enjoyed the challenge and it will prove to be the catalyst that was the start of something amazing for me! Thanks to you and your team for all the effort and energy put into making the program and all the resources so fabulous!

Best regards and many thanks!


I want to thank you for all the information you provided me. It has helped me get back into a low-carb diet, I’ve done in the past and it works well for me.

Thank you.

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