“Why you should never eat light ice cream”


It’s great to see more and more people cottoning on to the fact that low-fat “light” products just are not good for you. A recent article by Business Insider references studies showing that these products hardly lead to weight loss or other health benefits.

Plus, low-fat products usually contain added sugar to make up for the bad taste once the fat has been removed. This can lead to “the insulin effect”:

You eat sugar, then you crave more.

This could happen easily with a low-fat ice cream that is devoid of other filling nutrients, like protein and fiber.

With foods that are high in sugar or are highly processed, your body and brain have trouble telling you that you’ve had enough. Instead of getting cues that your stomach is full, these foods can send signals to tell the brain to continue eating, even when you’ve had too much.

Perhaps the popularity of the “low-fat trend” really is waning… Read the full article here:

Business Insider: Why you should never eat light ice cream

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  1. John Anderson
    You shouldn't eat regular ice cream either. Still way too high in sugars.
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  2. Colleen McCallister
    I am curious to know your thoughts on the new low carb ice creams such as Halo Top and Enlightened. Thanks
  3. Lucy May
    What about Halo Top
  4. Prashant
    The sugar content varies widely - I find hagendaaz - macadamia nut and dark chocolate and almond has among the lowest sugar contents per 100gms on the shelves. Haven’t seen any lower - but there could be others!

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