How the NBA star got skinny

Before and after

Before and after

There’s a clear trend towards a low-carb paleo diet among NBA basketball stars. The latest example is the biggest star of them all:

WSJ: Why LeBron James Is Suddenly Skinny – The NBA Star’s Other Big Decision This Summer: Cutting Carbohydrates

It will be interesting to see how LeBron James will do when it’s time to play.


Last spring, I interviewed researcher Jeff Volek, who comments in the above article.

LA Lakers Go Low-Carb!


  1. tony
    According to NBA pundits, Lebron and many other players lost weight because they had to stop using HGH drugs, which will be tested starting next season.
  2. Mike from L.A.
    I've seen various NBA guys during the season (I live in L.A.) and they ALWAYS look much thinner in normal street clothes than they do in jerseys.

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