Naturally fat-free sugar

Fat free sugar

Photo: Kelley I

Sugar is “Naturally Fat Free” according to this proud Target brand.

So, of course, are cigarettes. And arsenic. And land mines.


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  1. Rina
    I thought it is fat and carb.
  2. Pat
    This is the same thing I've seen on bananas. I'm fat free. But deep down it's still fattening while eating fat w/o carbs isn't fattening.
  3. Daci
    I see this a lot in our grocery and just roll my eyes...How stupid do they think we are anyway?
  4. Violeta
    Yes, advertising "naturally fat free" sugar is as funny as advertising "corn fed" pork/beef/chicken. (We see this "corn fed" advertising in supermarkets in Toronto/Canada. I take it as a warning label.)
  5. Zepp
    Yea.. fat free must meaning that one shouldent by it.. isnt it?
  6. Lynda
    My other favourite in the supermarket is "Marshmallows... Fat Free"... Yep, all sugar but hey - not fat... eat the entire bag :)
  7. johnnyv
    Also completely free of minerals and vitamins.

    Although de novo lipogenesis from carbohydrates is not a favored pathway in humans compared to say a mouse, the elevated insulin will help ensure dietary fat is stored rather than utilized.

  8. Megan
    being fat free is its only "redeeming" feature - what else can they say? "rots teeth" "increases insulin" "causes obesity" "Will lead to diabetes" "afternoon energy slumps guaranteed" "may cause addiction".

    They may as well be honest and just say "tastes really nice..." This is the only reason people eat sweet stuff.

  9. Murray
    Personally, I appreciate it when products have the "fat-free" or "low-fat" warning label. I know instantly to get something else without having to read the ingredients.
  10. Steve
    What I like is their serving suggestion.

    That is - pour it in a saucepan....then serve with three spoons and some jam biscuits. Yum. Very imaginative too. I think even I could handle that.

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  11. MerryKate
    Put this on the shelf next to the gluten-free potato chips I saw in the market yesterday. 80
  12. Megan
    Steve, that is a measuring cup and spoons - designed for baking...but it does look like a saucepan, so I will forgive you :)
  13. Bernd
    Are You sure landmines are sugarfree?
  14. Duytran
    in my thinking, I appreciate it when products have the "low-fat" or "fat-free" warning label. I understand instantly to get something else with not having to read the ingredients.
  15. donnae
    Market Pantry also sells a product I bought thinking it was shredded cheese. Turned out it was 100% vegetable oil and additives. I couldnt believe it. I wrote a complaint but never heard back from Target. Just gross. Fake food par excellence.
  16. Adam
    I love the "Serving Suggestion." Two cookies and an entire cup of sugar.
  17. Marcy
    I love you guys. You made me smile. Everything you say is true, but you all say it so funny!

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