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Drinking just one soda a day is likely to significantly increase the risk of heart disease, as well as obesity and diabetes. This according to the latest review of available science, published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Yet the same organization that publishes this journal, the organization of 43,000 physicians and other cardiovascular professionals, is accepting millions of dollars from Coca-Cola, as a “partnership”.

This was revealed last week in Coca-Cola’s transparency report. The payments from 2010 total 3.2 million dollars, including a payment of $450,000 this year:


Coca-Cola even brags on their website about the collaboration: Coca-Cola: Meet Our Partners: American College of Cardiology

I find this mindboggling and simply not acceptable, so I wrote a review on the ACC Facebook page. If you agree with me feel free to write your own review, or like mine so that it appears higher in the listing.

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  1. Janknitz
    Good job, Andreas! American doctors need to get some cajones and speak out like this.

    Dieticians for Professional Integrity mobilized thousands of dietitians to vote with their feet, and as a result, Coca Cola will no longer be a sponsor of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics beginning next year. Some people are lamenting the programs that Coca Cola sponsored, but DPI points out that some of these programs were just shills for corporationslike Coca Cola to promote their products (E.g. the Global Energy Balance Network" that claimed that Coke could be part of a "balanced" diet). DPI stated that the money that Coca Cola donates every year could easily be replaced by charging each member just $4 more per year in membership dues (and perhaps less if the dietitians who left the organization over the corporate sponsorships come back).

    The job is not done, questions still remain about Coca Cola's professional sponsorships within the organization--e.g. whether Coca Cola will continue to be an accredited provider of continuing education for the AND. And Coca Cola is just one of many such corporate sponsors with similar conflicts of interest. But I'm really impressed with what they have accomplished from a grass roots organization.

    Will we see doctors demonstrate their integrity as well???

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