How Much Sugar Is in Your Breakfast Cereal?


Maybe it’s not such a great idea to have ‘heart-healthy’ cereal for breakfast, at least judging from the graph above made by Dr. Unwin. It shows the sugar equivalent of some of the most common brands.

As you probably wouldn’t have eight and a half teaspoons of sugar straight for breakfast, you should probably swap out your Cornflakes for a healthier low-carb option. Check out some of our most popular examples below!


Low Carb for Beginners

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Top low-carb breakfasts

Video with Dr. Unwin

  • Summary and conclusion
  • Motivating people to change their lives
  • Is there scientific evidence for low carb?
  • Side effects and how to handle them
  • Who are the best patients?
  • What about cholesterol?
  • How to motivate people
  • Explaining low carb in a simple way
  • Blood-pressure medications
  • Can low carb make it fun to be a doctor?
  • Common problems and trouble shooting
  • Polite intros to discuss obesity
  • Convincing colleagues
  • How many teaspoons of sugar are in your food?
  • Helping People with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Diabetes medications
  • Low carb in other situations
  • Baseline tests and screening

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