The movie “Fixing Dad” is now free to watch


The movie Fixing Dad, about two brothers’ fight to beat their father’s type 2 diabetes using real food with fewer carbs, can now be watched for free.

It aired on the BBC earlier, and it’s well worth watching. Especially for everyone who has someone they wish they could fix.

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. It can be fixed.

Fixing Dad


How to Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes

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  1. TimH
    The link is only to a trailer of the movie.
  2. Lori Miller
    I watched the whole thing.

    I wish my dad had been willing to improve his health.

  3. bill
    So, I have to re-post my review of this
    useless film.

    Okay, people. I took the hit for all of you
    and watched the film. If someone had
    the maladies that "Dad" had and watched
    this film to get answers, they would be
    sorely disappointed.

    The movie was a constant barrage of
    platitudes (e.g. eating with the family)
    mixed in with constant arguing. The
    arguments went on for several minutes
    at a time. It was so annoying that we
    fast forwarded to get away from the

    The first medical doctor they interviewed
    got everything right: Don't eat carbohydrates
    that turn to sugar in your body. But it seems
    that that info went in one ear of the filmmakers
    and out the other. The only other discussion
    of what to eat was an argument in a store where
    the son was trying to talk Dad into eating "welks
    and frog legs." If he doesn't want to eat "welks
    and frog legs, he bloody doesn't have to. A simple
    "no, thanks" would have sufficed, but the argument
    went on and on and on.

    Several other arguments occurred but I shan't rehash
    them here.

    The upshot of the film as [a previous comment] says is that
    they got Dad on a bike and pushed him (dangerously)
    to work out exhaustively. They put way too much
    emphasis on that, with short shrift going to diet.

    Also, as [another comment] says, there was much talk
    about how the government must step in and protect
    the people.

    As [yet another comment] says, the anointed spoke about the
    need to rid sugar from the diet, but nobody in the
    film gave any credence to increasing fat consumption.
    How is this compatible with a website advocating Low
    Carb, High Fat???

    Dr. E, as I have repeatedly asked, why do you spend
    your bandwidth on this stuff? Certainly there are
    items more aligned with LCHF to post.

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  4. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Bill!

    Thanks for your review!

    I just would like to add that this movie is not a part of so it doesn't spend our bandwidth. :)

  5. Cath
    Bill sure gave a cynical appraisal - but should everything be about putting low carb living into a nutshell by covering all aspects in every presentation? How boring that would be. Improving the life of another human being is a worthwhile story. I too have just finished watching the whole movie, and thought the transformation Geoff underwent was life-changing for him. He is lucky his sons cared so much about him. I don't believe it was necessary to lecture the rest of us on what we should be doing. There is no shortage of this information already for anyone who wants to investigate. This was simply one family's experience.

    Thanks Diet Doctor for providing varied content. You never which film might be a "light-bulb" moment for someone.

  6. Pierre
    "So, I have to re-post my review of this
    useless film."

    I agree with you at 100%.

    There is nothing interesting in that movie.
    I saw just one omelette and that's it, nothing about nutrition.

    For them the cure looks like doing biking.

    If you want something instructive:

  7. gbl
    Working on achieving exercise goals will change negative aspects of one's life. It's the endorphins he got there that had him smiling on that bike in no time and his success at that which gave him the push to stick with his program. The lamb chops didn't do that. I agreed with the focus on exercise goals, in the film and in life.

    I watched the film twice where it's been free on YouTube all along. I think it was very well done.

  8. Marion
    I'm with bill. Why this dreadful movie is linked on this blog beats me.
  9. gbl
    Not enough catachism for some?

    I think we all. now, with the lessons gained from this DD website, know what to eat, when, various permutations of (recipes) and we don't need to see that over and over and over like dogma. THIS success story told how this man and this family took the basics and tailored the low carb approach for this man.

    Everyone here congratulates the losers in the many featured stories and before and after pix. Why was this not something to congratulate? Do you not think there were bickering whiney episodes in their stories too? This movie was telling us SO much by what they put in, and left out. Step mom? She was virtually invisible, just one mention when Dad refused to cook, and one shoulder shot at the end. Hmmm. I bet she played a much bigger role than that, but Dad is a sexist, and the boys had to edit the story. So they left mum out. Hmmm. The kids and wives who gave up so much when their dad and husbands neglected them for a year? Maybe that happened over and over in the other "success" stories too. We just didn't hear about it. Truth hurts?

    I wasn't surprised Dad stuck with it: he loved the workouts, and that's because he saw his old self there. I was surprised the boys stuck with it. What a stubborn old mule was Dad. Did that character trait also play a role in success? I think it did and that's why the boys left it in. Lots more there. Dare you to watch it again... .

  10. Denise
    OMG - what a negative nancy is Bill. I have watched the trailer & intend to seek out the whole documentary.
    I am a nurse & my husband has just been diagnosed with Type 2 & if there is only one glimmer of information gained from watching this it will be worthwhile. Get off your high horse & stop being so negative.

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