Mothers giving birth to generation XL

Here’s part five of the marvelous UCTV-series “The Skinny on Obesity”. This seven minute episode is about how mothers influence the future weight of their children even before they are born. High insulin levels in pregnant moms leads to bigger babies. This may have repercussions as the baby grows up, increasing the risk of obesity and disease.

The first signs of the coming disaster may already be apparent in the US. For the first time average lifespans are starting to decrease.

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  1. HDL
    "Good" HDL cholesterol may not protect heart after all, study suggests:

  2. HDL
    Doubt Cast on the ‘Good’ in ‘Good Cholesterol’

  3. So sad! So preventable. Even forty years ago it was unusual to see a really fat little kid, rare fifty years ago, but now go to a playground in the US and the number is astonishing. Since we are also now reading studies that show hfcs and other sugars make us dumber as well as fat, then decline seems inevitable.
  4. mckohtz
    Is it the sugar that is in to formula that is causing this? Probably!
    Humans were Born to Breastfed! Human milk is naturally sweet, but it is sweetened with lactose. Does that make the difference? Maybe

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