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Have you missed my video interviews with experts on low-carb diets? There are more coming up! During the Low-Carb Cruise I brought two large suitcases, mostly filled with video equipment. Three cameras, three lights and six tripods as well as microphones.

The result is six interviews ready to edit. The interviewees are Dr Jay Wortman, Jonathan Bailor, Jimmy Moore, Dr Dwight Lundell, Bjarte Bakke and myself.

What interview do you want to see first? Tell me in the comments and it could soon be ready.

Earlier interviews


  1. Ondrej

    Scientific review of Robert Lustig's Fat Chance.

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  2. Chin Eng
    All of them! I'm greedy! :-P
  3. Simon
    According to this Lundell lost hist medical license in 2008. They provide a copy of the decision of the Arizona Medical Board. Not very reassuring to say the least.
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  4. Margaret
    Yes I missed your interviews enormously. I'd love to see you get interviewed first Andreas.
    Thank you so much for carrying all that equipment with you!
  5. Rita
    Bjarte Bakke! I discovered his blog yesterday through dietdoctor and am curious to hear more ideas.
  6. Magnus
    Don't believe everything you read. Some time ago I stumbled upon the same page you're linking to, but other commenters linked to sites that discredited that site rather thoroughly. I don't think I found the same page again, but here's one you might take a look at:
  7. FrankG
    Indeed -- don't believe everything you read.. unless you have some particular axe to grind?

    Galileo was decried an an heretic, threatened with torture by the inquisition and placed under permanent house arrest by the vatican -- does any of that make him wrong about our planet's place in the universe?

    Isaac Newton it turns out was heavily into alchemy and also did calculations based on dates in the bible -- discredit him at all?

    I'm not about to read another opinion piece by someone with an axe to grind -- especially when it comes with a gross grammatical error in the very first sentence Not very reassuring to say the least.

    It's clear to me that much of what even Dr Eenfeldt here goes contrary to many of the official policies that Medical Doctors are governed by (at least here in N America)... does that mean I accept the word of the licensing bodies as the final arbiter for who I should trust with my health?

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  8. Jonathan Bailor...he talks SO much sense!
  9. Simon
    I'm really sorry that English didn't happen to be my first language. I really appreciate your kind correction. I have no axe to grind and no stake in the game. I'm just a regular visitor interested in the subject and was concerned after seeing the page referred to above (I just googled "Dwight Lundell", the page referred to was the first hit). If the page itself is fraudulent the owner should be sued for libel and slander. Nowhere did I say that I disagree with what he actually says, although I don't know what that is because his website doesn't reveal much about the content of his book.
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  10. "Government health authorities
    and registered dietitians agree
    that a “calorie” is a “calorie” in
    terms of weight management. "

    Says it all really. FWIW I can take or leave Dr. Lustig .

  11. FrankG
    I was not commenting on your English Simon but that of the writer of the first sentence in the page to which you linked.. wryly noting (using your own words) that it did not inspire much confidence in him :-P

    I'm constantly making typos in my blog comments but if I were to publish a page that I could go back and correct it would be to an higher standard; if I expected anyone to take me seriously.

  12. Pauline
    I hope your videos will be in a format that is readable on Android devices, my only internet access. Often your videos or linked-to videos are not viewable. I believe Apple phones and pads have similar restrictions. I've seen some of your interviews and am eager to see more.
  13. I think having all of them will be a good idea, or maybe you could compile the ideas raised, which are similar for all of them into one blog post.
  14. Debbie
    Dr. Lundell! His presentation on the 2013 LC Cruise was my favorite!
  15. Really looking forward to hearing you interview Jonathan :)
  16. Dr Lundell please. I tried to buy his book on but they ship a Korean Edition to me. I can't wait to see the interview with him.
  17. stefan
    Interesting regarding ketons

    The Marvel of Ketone Science

  18. mckohtz
    All of them!
  19. Aviv
    I am still waiting for the much anticipating videos!
    Loved Dr. Wortman's interview.

    No pressure, but do have one more coming anytime soon?

  20. Sue
    I'm really pleased you are doing interviews again, I look forward to seeing them all.

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