More insane dieting: The bulimia machine

This may be the sickest dieting device ever. Eat all you want (ice cream for example) and then empty the stomach contents into the toilet via a surgically implanted tube:

ABC News: Stomach-Pumping Machine Makes Calories Disappear

Sounds familiar? This way of making calories “disappear” is very much possible without surgery. Just put two fingers in the back of your throat and throw up. It works. It’s a severe eating disorder called bulimia. However, doctors usually try to help people with eating disorders, instead of encouraging them.

As an eating disorder this bulimia machine is obviously much worse than simple calorie counting. This is truly sick.

What do you think?

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  1. darren
    im sorry but why have we reached a point as a society and so "health" conscious that a barriatric procedure is now considered a better idea than putting down the sugar. I love my ketogenic diet i recently cheated and felt like crap so im not going to be doing that its easy regulate my health with that plan no surgery no medicine and best of all pleanty of good health salt of the earth food thats the way to do it
  2. Justine
    This makes me sick (excuse the pun!). Having beaten the clutches of bulimia before it did any damage, I know how damaging this can be. It is terrible what people will resort to just to lose weight! If you are that serious about it, eat less and move more! (by "eat less" I mean less junk!!!) I also started eating the ketogenic diet in December. Haven't seen any major results yet because I endulged over the holidays, but I have felt how great it is for the body, and the mind!
  3. Kirk
    I've been following a keto diet for years. I've tried not calorie counting, but the weight won't come off. I lost 100 lbs, but I'm now rocking back and forth of gaining and losing the same 10 lbs Sitting right now at 330-320 at 6'. I feel so much better on this diet, and will never return to my old ways, but I haven't magically been fixed from over-eating. I try so damned hard to stop when I'm "not full", but seem to have a compulsion to over eat or something. I'm glad so many have reached healthy weights on this diet, but sometimes, I wish there were more people in my situation, so that this could be addressed. I've been strict for weeks on end, had a cheat or binge here and there, but for the most part, been faithful. My system hasn't adjusted to a habit of eating where I can lose anymore. Been at this weight for over a year now.
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  4. Andre
    Well, at least it doesn't do any permanent damage to stomach or intestines like gastric bypasses and other WLS methods. I'll stick to cutting grains, added sugar and industrial vegetable oil (-20kg in a year and counting), tyvm.
  5. disgusting and so sad! i suppose these medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies will be making more money by creating more dis-ease in the patients. absolutely disgusting. would love to insert tubes into them!

    saddened and sick.... what has our society come to?

    also i take it that this is targeted at obese individuals......this is a ridiculous solution for a problem that is not only physical but emotional, psychological and spiritual!

  6. Absolutely horrific! Anyone who even considers this an option really needs to get their head's checks. Which doctor in their right mind would do this to their patients? Low carb dieting isn't perfection, and it takes time, effort and consistency. But at least it works. At least it makes you feel good. At least it makes you healthful straight down to a cellular level. This on the other hand will cause more problems than it solves. I wonder what diet regime it suggests... Oh wait. None! Bing and purge. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!!!!!
  7. So all they absorb is glucose and fructose. Expect mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and cravings for more food.
  8. Susannah
    Think this is a parody of diet science.. A joke
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  9. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I'm afraid it's no joke. I've heard about it before, the people behind it are very serious.
  10. That's quite unbelievable. What about the risk of introducing infection?
    I have never understood being so desperate that you would go for surgery (even though I am not a small lass), but this is almost worse in that it's advocating nothing good.. hey just do what you want and have a butt in your stomach to bypass your body's systems.
    Wish these people would wake up and smell the roses.
  11. commonchild2
    Kirk - Have you tried writing down for a week *everything* you eat, including splenda packets, coffee creamer, etc? I use myfitnesspal.

    Try doing one IF/week. I started doing that (Intermittent fasting). Once a week after eating supper I won't eat again until the next supper (skip breakfast and lunch). I typically do it on a day my wife and I go out to eat and it helps me to really enjoy that first meal (out).

    Googe intermittent fasting - there are many variations.

    Congrats on the weight loss

  12. eddie watts
    so just to clarify: person makes themself sick after eating = eating disorder and needs help
    person who has a device attached which doe the same thing = fine idea for weight loss

    the world we live in!

  13. Martine
    What a wonderful idea ! People will purchase even more processed garbage, without even the fear of gaining weight to slow them down. People will get even sicker, because they aren't even getting the minimal nutrition contained in junk food.Win Win!. Well for big food and big pharma. Not so much the consumer. But it's never been about them has it.
  14. Zepp
    Now its here.. the perfect fork for people that have everything els!

    "The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It also alerts you with the help of indicator lights when you are eating too fast."

  15. Hilarious Zepp! What will they think of next?

    I'll be able to eat that massive bowl of ice cream as long as I eat slowly with my HapiFork ;-)

  16. Margaret
    Honestly? Kirk just told us a scenario where these kinds of options begin to look possible. Somehow that cry was missed. The "diet" world is as cruel as the non diet one, it appears.

    I hear ya Kirk. I don't know why that compulsion exists. It isn't simply lack of willpower, gluttony or laziness. There's got to be a glitch somewhere in the hormonal system and the brain, that comes from a genetic "oops". Until that gets figured out you just have to do the best you can without beating yourself up.

    As long as you are healthy there is still room for experimenting. My best results always come from movement, combined with whatever I do dietarily, and staying as far away from food as it is safe to do. Living a life that considers food as fuel only, and creating "abstinence" in every other sense of the word so that the compulsion doesn't get triggered.

    If your health starts to go, the whole thing gets much more difficult. At some point you really do end up considering crazy ideas because you get cornered. So... fight hard now, before that happens.

    Take good care.

  17. Kirk
    Thanks so much for the reply, and empathy, Margaret! I'll incorporate your ideas as best I can into my daily fight!
  18. Kurt Lao
    Wow, seeing that video just made me want to throw up (who says you need two fingers in your throat?). I mean this couldn't be healthy and shouldn't be promoted as a medical procedure. Have we truly degraded into shallowness that we forgot that the main purpose of eating is for nourishment? Man I hope this procedure doesn't see the light of day.

    Kurt Lao - Editor for Weight Rater

  19. I read about this and was shocked that anybody would consider this a good idea. I can see the law suits coming down the pike if this machine ever gets approval, as it is bound to be flawed on several levels: a bacteria magnet, clogs, etc. As someone earlier said, it is amazing anyone would consider this over putting down the carbohydrate foods that are causing the problems. Just when you think it can't get any worse..............

  20. Emma
    Wow, that's pretty disturbing. It reminds me of a documentary on anorexia patients, where one had a feeding tube inserted to feed straight to her stomach, and she used it the "wrong way", sucking food out with a syringe.

    Not only that device promotes unhealthy eating patterns, it's an unnecessary health risk that all inserted objects are, and basically it's an open wound to your system.

  21. C.H.
    Forget bulimia. This is a huge waste of food resources. What a shameful invention, and what a tragedy that there is demand for such a thing.
  22. Oh, my goodness. That was just so baffling - and so WRONG!
  23. Jos.
  24. I read that back in the early part of the 20th Century some people would ingest tape worm larvae to get thin. Talk about disgusting! But this is right up there with the tape worm weight-loss method.
  25. Bud
    Congratulations on your weightloss! And believe me you are not alone in your plateau. I struggle with the same thing. Keep up the good fight.
  26. ah, the endless pursuit of happiness through superficial, external means.
    it never works, but people still keep trying.

    all happiness comes from within, and to truly be happy, all you need is to cast away the shackles of superficiality, the ego and let yourself be filled with kindness, sincerity and all things positive.


    ...and that's pretty much a little offtopic, but you know what, telling people to be happy is quite important. matter != happiness. pretty much.

  27. Robin Nixon
    That's what the Romans used to do. Binge then vomit, through several courses of a feast.

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