Missed the LCHF conference? Check out this 5-minute video!

Do you wish you could have gone to the great LCHF conference in Cape Town last week? Here’s a 5-minute video with highlights and short interviews with participants, including the organizers and a few of the biggest names. Feel free to share it.

Update April 21: All full interviews (15 of them) that you see soundbites from above are now available on the membership site (free trial one month).


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  1. Susanna
    Hi Andreas,
    the food presented during the Conference in C.T. looks amazing in the videos. Could you give a few more details about it! Just for inspiration?
    Thanks and keep spreading the message!
    Greetings from Germany,
  2. Jan
    Thanks for this video Andreas ...... will definitely be sharing it.
    The LCHF news / Food Revolution is certainly growing.

    All the best Jan

  3. Boundless
    There's a summary of Tim Noakes' presentation at:
  4. GP
    Huh, 5 minutes is nothing. Wish we could get way more but it is still something.

    Great to see LCHF getting more and more exposure. The process is slow and a tiny fraction of people are embracing it but I hope most people will come to their senses. LCHF seems to be the best from science and knowledge that we know about at the moment and it is helping people better themselves and their lives.

    - - -

    Something off-topic I was thinking about for a while. Is it me or a lot of people in the LCHF community are getting gray hair fairly earlier than other people? Could something specific from the LCHF lifestyle negatively affect your hair color?

    Replies: #6, #9
  5. Anne Robertson
    Here in France, we're sadly lacking in LC/HF advocates among the medical profession. Currently, there's a long-term nutritional study happening Called the Etude NutriNet-Santé run by Professor Serge Hercberg who does not seem to understand the difference between an observational and an interventional study. He keeps putting out press releases about areas where people are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, or eating too much fat. My husband is a participant in this study and has taken Prof Hercberg to task about this to no avail. Obviously, my husband eats LC/HF but he's bound to be an out-lyer. It would be a pretty good study if it were run properly, as participants have to fill in what they eat all day on certain days, determined at random and filled in on the actual day. There are also questionnaires from time to time about lifestyle habits. This study is supposed to run for five years and is currently around halfway through that time. I fear it's going to be manipulated and squeezed until it gives results that suit the preconceived ideas of its founder.
  6. Murray
    GP, regarding greying of hair, my experience has been the opposite. I started going grey six years ago and decided then to go from just low carb to keto and this reversed the greying and I still do not have grey. Many people have noticed this effect from going very low carb, but I think you need to do it before the greying has set in too long. I suspect it has to do with the robustness of the mitochondria communities in the hair follicle cells, so they have sufficient energy to create pigment. I find if I spend time in the sun my chest and arm hairs may grey, but if I cut carbs and reduce protein the very same hairs restore back to normal in a couple of days. Topical coconut oil seems to help as well.

    I would expect the CLA in grass-fed butter (dairy fat) would help too, as it promotes biogenesis of mitochondria.

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Stimulates Mitochondrial Biogenesis Signaling by the Upregulation of PPARγ Coactivator 1α (PGC-1α) in C2C12 Cells

  7. Paul the rat
    The Australian former Head of State, the Hon. John Howard was hospitalized with a heart scare. I know that he followed generally recommended "healthy diet" with plenty of healthy multi-grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat, fish meal et leads 2 a week and he exercised daily. As Prime Minister he was, and is, in 'able' hands as far as the nutritional advice is concerned.
    My father had heart attack at the age of 55, few years later he was due for a by-pass surgery, but before it happened he stumbled upon carbohydrate restriction. Today, he is in his late 80-ties and plays tennis. He did not have that by-pass surgery.

    I wish John Howard full recovery.


  8. eric
    I think the worlds militaries (US, UK, IDF) will lead the way in demonstrations of the menu of versions of LCHF//KETO that have robust results on health and performance.


  9. Cindy C
    Like the other mention, some of my gray hair got dark again, however, it did not take all my gray away, as I had a lot of gray, and some white hair, plus I am not that young either. If you do a search, there are a lot of reports on losing your gray if you go low carb.
  10. Apicius
    France's food system continues to get worse and worse each year. They are losing their old ways of eating fat-rich meats and cheeses, and adopting misguided nutritionists.

    Today, the cattle and dairy farmers in France are suffering, no longer being able to make a sustainable economic living, and there is a growing trend of suicide amongst them too. Check out this article as an example.


    If France goes back to eating their fat-rich, traditional foods, not only will the health of the public get better, but they could restore the economy of their traditional agricultural sector and stop the suicide trend from continued climb up!!

  11. Paul
    Please bring the conference to NYC next year.
  12. Paul
    Please bring the conference to NYC next year, I would like to attend

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