1. I ain't done yet, but im getting there... See you all next LCC. ;) ...when i lost another 110lbs.


  2. cant really see that much of a difference, he still need to have this lifestyle long tern, but great job, 50 kilos is ALOT
  3. Luis
    Congratulations Ulf, best regards from LCHF doctor in Costa Rica. KEEP GOING!!! iT'S WORTH IT!!!
  4. Great work!! I can see the difference!! Keep it going!! :-)
  5. adinaINdc
    Incredible. :)
  6. Ade
    Awesome!!! Congratulations Ulf!
  7. Great work! Don't give up!
  8. Melinda
    Amazing accomplishment and your smile says it all.
  9. Anja
    Congrats Ulf, that's a great start! I wish I would move so fast... I have been on weight loss plateau for 4 months now :( If anyone has good advice for me, then I'm all ears.
  10. Brad
    OK, I have been doing the LCHF diet since 01 March and have lost a total of 47 pounds. What am I doing wrong?

    Congrats Ulf...

  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Maybe you are doing everything right. 110 pounds in four months is hardly average. That sort of extremely rapid loss mostly happens to some younger men (and occasionally women) who start with a lot of excess weight.
  12. lupo
    @Anja: I blogged on that often-asked question here: http://blog.klinik21.de/index.php?/archives/42-Why-you-dont-lose-weig...
  13. FrankG
    Many congratulations Ulf! Another inspiring story.

    Dr Eenfeldt I wonder if you have seen this BBC Horizon documentary "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" -- take careful note of the comma after "Eat"


    Michael Mosely (who I understand trained as an MD) visits the USA to find out the diet and fasting secrets of health and longevity.

    He learns about calorie restriction from a man who eats a massive bowl of frozen berries for breakfast. He is told how eating this way will "cure" him (in a year) of all his current risk factors and negate the need for him to be on any medication... not that he mentions (or gives the impression of) being on any current medication.

    He lowers his IGF1 by fasting for 4 nights and 3 days. Apparently the key to maintaining a lower IGF1 is restricting *protein* to the recommended daily amount -- no mention that carbohydrates have any effect on Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF1)... despite the show host's recognition that the fast has depleted his body of its glucose supplies and allowed him to utilise fat instead.

    He meets some mice who are keeping Alzheimers at bay by NOT eating an high-fay diet -- an high fat diet which (for some reason) includes added *fructose* in their water supply.

    Then he finds out about alternate day fasting where you limit to 600calroes alternate days and eat whatever you like (Big Mac's Dennys... anything!) on the other day... he tries this one for 5 weeks back home in the real world and sees significant results.

    Throughout there was not a single mention of LCHF, sugar and refined starches, or even carbohydrates for that matter.

    Even the alternate day fasting was challenging for him to maintain so I found it frustrating to watch a person suffer like this to get the same (arguably better) result available through eating LCHF (ad libitum) every day.

    I know many swear by intermittent fasting and I'm not knocking it if it works for you but I doubt you see that allowing carte blanche in your eating for all the other days ;-)

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