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Note: This interview has been removed.

Why should you care about the light you’re exposed to? How much protein should you really eat? And can you go on a ketogenic diet indefinitely without encountering problems?

Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of the controversial alternative medicine website, the “#1 Natural Health Website” in the world, that gets an astonishing 20 million visits every month. Ivor Cummins and our camera crew sat down with him to ask these questions – and got some interesting answers.

Note that many of Dr. Mercola’s views are very unorthodox and controversial – like his focus on light exposure. We do not endorse all his products or alternative theories (in fact, sometimes we struggle to even understand them). But there’s no doubt that Dr. Mercola is a highly interesting man with interesting ideas. Enjoy our interview.

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The Mind Behind Mercola

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