Millions more Americans will have to lower blood pressure


New guidelines will cause millions more Americans to meet the criteria for high blood pressure. They will consequently be recommended to lower it with either medications or a change of lifestyle. The new cutoff for what is considered high will be above 130/80.

Thankfully, high blood pressure can be lowered with a low-carb or keto diet. Read more about that in our guide to normalizing blood pressure.

The New York Times: Under new guidelines, millions more Americans will need to lower blood pressure


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  1. LowCarb Finn
    Before the wish of industry to medicate everyone - in the 1970's the recommendation for systolic pressure was 100 + your age. Diastolic pressure was not even mentioned. But with 100 + age recommendation it is impossible to medicate everyone...

    According to this article, the old recommendation was quite wise at least for the very old:

    Our skin starts sagging when we get older everything gets "looser". Would it perhaps be logical that same happens to our veins and arteries at least to some degree, so that increased blood pressure then helps blood to get where it needs to go? More pressure to counteract looser tissues perhaps.

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