Milestone: One hundred thousand views

Half a year ago I uploaded this video of my presentation from the AHS conference in Los Angeles. It’s now been viewed more than 100 000 times on YouTube. I think that’s fantastic.

I’ll continue studying how to improve my online interviews and presentations, to spread the knowledge about healthy real low carb food for free. The next target? One million views.

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  1. Margaretrc
    There's no other word for that but this: Awesome!
  2. I think your video has led the way in getting ordinary people to think for themselves, try other solutions to unwanted weight gain, and see how the solutions they have tried work in comparison with policies that come from "official" health sources.
    Now we have the internet we can educate ourselves and don't have to take on trust the advice from "official" sources.
    Tom Naughton of "Fat Head" speaking at a conference of the Office of Research Integrity on why more and more people are ignoring doctors, nutritionists and government health agencies and turning to blogs and social media for health and nutrition advice.
    Crisis In Nutrition IV - Vox Popul
  3. Donna E
    I've personally sent your video to more people than I can count.... it's a fabulous "recruitment" tool. I think a great complement to it would be a video on the LCHF diet itself, as you describe it on your site.

    That said, I still think Neu5gc is the elephant in the LCHF room (with serious implications for dietary recommendations), but I'm trying hard to restrain myself lest I be perceived as a neu5gc troll. : )

  4. Alexandra
    Congratulations.. it is a very good presentation that is great for newcomers and the curious. I've passed the link on to many people.
    Keep up the great work!
  5. Excellent! Wonderful! Kudos for all you are doing to improve people's health.
  6. Louise
    hi, I actually think it has been viewed way more than 100 000 times! For instance, I have downloaded it to Real player and can now email it to others.
  7. Ralph, Cleethorpes, UK
    Does that include the hits from
  8. This was great! I put in a post on it in my blog to remind people about it and get the word out again. Well Done...
  9. This is a great video, I enjoyed watching it and it is the reason why I found your website. Great information people need to know. Thanks!
  10. The old diabetic cookbook you reference, where did you find it? Do you have any information on the author, title?



  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Zepp's link is the right one.

    If anyone wants to find it again just google "diabetic cookery 1917"

  12. Alexandra M
    Thanks, Zepp!

    "Existing conditions may make it difficult at present to obtain Aleuronat Flour and Casoid Flour as these preparations are manufactured abroad."

    Publication date: 1917

  13. Adam
    This Video was the first time I saw Dr Andreas Eenfeldt. I started following him from that day and haven't looked back. As a type two diabetic I disregarded conventional wisdom and reversed it in 3 months, that was 8 years ago and I still see this video as the best slap in the face reality checks ever, which I believe has set the Keto and LCHF movement in motion. And yes I obtained a reprint of the cook book also.

    Congratulations Dr Eenfeldt, this single video is testament to the great voice you have had in changing the lives of people all over the world, myself included.

    I hope to meet you one day on a low carb cruise or other.

    Best regards from loyal follower


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