Why you might want to order TWO burgers at McDonald’s

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Are you one of those people who inevitably end up at McDonald’s after a night out or after a rough day? Then here’s a tip for semi-sticking to your low-carb diet.

Swap the fries for another burger (and preferably leave out the bun too). That way your carb intake is reduced and your blood sugar stays nice and stable.

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  1. Eric
    Eat in an eight hour window! Late eating? Not so good. Look at time restricted feeding research from Salk institute and satchin pandas lab
  2. Gadget Fan
    This is a great point. I regularly enjoy getting large burgers at restaurants, and I simply "de-bread" them and then eat them with a knife and fork. Most places where I live (California) also offer "lettuce wraps" which can be nice, but I find that the lettuce makes the burger cold, and so I prefer my de-breading approach (and I get a salad).

    However, I wouldn't recommend McDonald as the choice of fast-food burgers, at least in the US. I recently was offered one (after about two decades of avoidance), and I was appalled at how bad and fake it tasted (only Jack-In-The-Box is worse -- if you must have a fast food burger, try to find ones which use better quality meat, such as In & Out, or Wendy's, and many others).

    Find who has decent tasty burgers near you, and use them instead of McDonald's. Too bad the articles referred to are highlighting McDonald's, rather than fast food burgers in general.

    (An anecdote: several decades ago I met someone outside the US who had a contract for producing burger meat for McDonalds, out of slaughterhouse leftovers. The recipe at the time was 70% bone scrapings and 30% jowl fat. Nice to see they were making use of something that would otherwise be wasted, but it explained the unappealing taste.)

  3. Rick
    You can order a whopper at Burger King without the bun and it comes in a “no bun” box. It’s surprising how many fast food places accommodate a low carb diet. All you have to do is ask.

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