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What do I gain from a membership?

You gain instant access to all the meal plans, exclusive video courses, interviews, presentations, movies, expert Q&A and more. A complete list of what’s included.

In addition, you support the work of See below for details on how your support also helps others to revolutionize their health.

How much does a membership cost?

The first month is free, then it costs $9 per month. If you cancel your membership within the first month you pay nothing.

How do I cancel my membership?

As a member, you’ll have easy access to your personal account page. Click “cancel membership” to cancel your membership.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?


Can I still log in after I have cancelled my membership?

After you cancel your membership by clicking “cancel membership” on your account page you can log in until 30 days after your last monthly payment.

Can I sign up again if I cancel my membership?


How do I pay for the membership?

Payment is by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or via Paypal, and $9 is automatically charged to your account once a month. The first payment is charged after thirty days – if you’re still a member.

You may cancel your membership at any time. No further charges will be made.

Can’t I try it for free for one month without entering my credit card details or Paypal account?

No, unfortunately not.

There’s an enormous amount of work – by numerous people – behind all videos and more on the membership page. We can’t give it away for free to everyone, or we won’t be able to keep the site running.

Can I become a member from any country?

Yes. The cost of 9 USD (after the free month) is then converted to your currency. It represents (in Jan 2017) about 8.6 Euro, 7.3 British Pounds, 12.1 Canadian Dollars or 12.5 Australian Dollars.

I’m having trouble logging in, what should I do?

Log in easily via the button at the top of the site or via or via your account page.

If there is a problem check to see if “cookies” are turned off in your computer/mobile device. You can’t log in without allowing storage of “cookies” from us. You can change this in the settings for your browser.

If it still does not work there is probably something misspelled in your e-mail or password. Try to type them in manually again as any auto-fill may be incorrect. If it still does not work there may be a spelling error from the sign-up. E-mail for assistance (answer within 24 hours).

I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

Request a new password to your email address.

What do I do if I don’t want my real name to appear when I comment?

You can change your “display name” on your account page and this name will then be displayed with your comments.

Can I switch to another credit card later?

Yes. Go to your account page and look in the “History” tab under “My subscriptions”. Press “Change payment method” and follow the instructions.

Can I get a receipt for the monthly fees?

Yes. You can easily print out receipts from your account page under the “History” tab. Press “View Receipt”.

What are the $9 a month for?

The fees are going to the Diet Doctor company and are used for overhead expenses to run Diet, purchase and maintain equipment, travel and fees for conferences and fair compensation that allows the team behind and its Swedish counterpart – 10 full-time employees and around 20 freelancers – to continue their work.

Please note that the Dietdoctor himself, Andreas Eenfeldt, is only earning salary to replace income from his job as a doctor. Since the start of the Swedish Dietdoctor blog in 2007 he hasn’t earned a penny more than partial compensation for his lost salary as a doctor. This is for credibility reasons.

The goal of the support from members is not to make money, but that Dietdoctor will grow into a bigger and more influential organization, which can ultimately help empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

The more members, the more we can accomplish to spread proven knowledge about lifestyle and health. And the more videos and other material you’ll get each month. All surplus money is being plowed back into better equipment and more material and (most important) hiring fantastic people to join our organization and accomplish more together.

Here you can see all the extras you gain access to as a member.

What does the membership mean for all the earlier free information on Diet Doctor, will it disappear?

No. Everything that has previously been free, for example the blog and more will stay free.

What members are offered – dramatically more video interviews, new video courses, filmed lectures of high quality, questions and answers, special offers and more – would have been impossible to give away for free to everyone. Not even if Diet Doctor himself – Andreas Eenfeldt – worked full time for free would this have been possible. This requires many people working full time.

More about the plans for Diet Doctor and membership.

I wonder about the details for conditions, how credit-card data are stored and how personal information and more is handled.

See page on Details.

I’m having trouble playing videos.

See page for technical support.

I don’t have time to watch the videos. Can I just listen instead, while doing something else?

Yes, absolutely. Learn how to here.

Is there any way to see what’s new on membership pages?

Yes, here: Everything new (also available via the membership menu).

More questions

Do you have other questions or concerns? Email (response within 24 hrs).

I want to become a member!

Sign up here in less than a minute.

I’m already a member

Go go member pages.

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  1. Hi Gary!

    You can become a member here:

    When you are a member you can direct questions to our experts here:

    First month is free and you can stop you membership whenever you want.

  2. Natalie
    Are there more recipes for members, or am I seeing all the recipes now? Thanks
  3. Cath
    So all the interviews etc on membership are great, but the thing that has helped me immensely is the 2 week menu, emailed to me daily. Does the paid membership offer a continued daily email with menu. Because if it does I'm sold. If not a little disappointed.
  4. Robyn
    Do you have an app that we can use to access recipes and create meal plans?
  5. Augusto
    I signed with paypal but my registration is not complete even if the paypal subscription confirmed. I tried to send you an email to with my paypal confirmation but i'ts coming back, please help
    Reply: #56
  6. Augusto, all looks fine now!
  7. Aditya Raj
    Please tell me any 15 things from that I can lose my weight in 3 weeks?
  8. Sandi Giles
    Hi Rosalie, $9 US as of today is $11.78 But it fluctuates with the rise and fall of the dollar.
  9. Jeff Jorgensen
    I tried to sign up as a new member, but your application page won't allow me to enter my credit card information (number, expiration, PIN). I was able to enter my first and last name, E-mail, password, country. What can I do?
    Reply: #63
  10. Chris
    Hard to join when this site only allows payment by credit card. Not everybody has or wants to use a credit card. There should be other payment options such as Pay Pal. Also $9 per month in American funds make it more expensive if you have to convert $ into your country's currency.
  11. Chris
    I saw no indication that Pay Pal can be used.
    Reply: #62
  12. Hi Chris!

    Look again. :)

  13. Please email me att
  14. Alvin
    If I have a question to any of the experts, where do I post my question? Do I post it here in the comments section for everyone to see? Or is there a more private place/area where only the expert and I can converse and exchange info. and discuss stuff?
    Reply: #65
  15. Hi Alvin!

    If you are a member you can direct your questions here:

    Today we don't have a private area.

    If I have a question to any of the experts, where do I post my question? Do I post it here in the comments section for everyone to see? Or is there a more private place/area where only the expert and I can converse and exchange info. and discuss stuff?

  16. Shant
    I am a strict vegetarian. Not vegan, and do not consume eggs.
    How does it work for people like me?
    Reply: #67
  17. Hi Shant!

    It could work, why not try? :)

    Here are our vegetarian recipes, a lot of the m without eggs.

    I am a strict vegetarian. Not vegan, and do not consume eggs.
    How does it work for people like me?

    Reply: #77
  18. Paul
    I was going to join up thinking this was a genuine site but have you noticed that the "Professionals" that run this site only answer questions regarding payments and currency issues. They do not answer any questions related to members or non members that may want to join regarding queries about recipes or menus or anything medical related to doing low carb high fat diet as stated on here. .. yet they are Medical experts in different fields. There facebook page is another page they never ever answer people's querys that are given on there either.
    So my question is .. Why should I trust you if you cannot respond to genuine people's concerns?
    Reply: #74
  19. 1 comment removed
  20. Ann
    Good point Paul
  21. BETTY
    I have a question--not sure if this is the right place to ask it--I would have preferred a one-to-one option (not by phone though).
    Anyway this is my 4th week on the keto diet --I can't say ive seen any results at all--certainly not even an inch off my waist or arms--and i guess no lbs off either. Can't say I have more energy or mental focus. I'm following the instructions almost 80-90%; I'm not so fond of diary so ive considerable reduced it-- and I tend to substitute coconut oil for butter...Ive also done some sporadic fasting--skipped breakfast on some days--etc..maybe I aint eating enough fat..

    Plus I'm now tending to get very hungry--and I found myself eating baking chocolate bits yesterday!!
    I do walk considerably 3-4 days a week--for about 3-4 miles.

    so..i know I should be more patient but surely ...some results would greatly bolster my flagging commitment...
    anyone out there with some practical advice (apart from be patient...)?

    thanks all.

    Reply: #76
  22. Vicky
    I want to cancel membership. Please tell me how
    Reply: #73
  23. Vicky,

    As a member you have easy access to your personal account page. Click “cancel membership” to cancel your membership.

  24. Carrie Harrell-Payton
    I've noticed the same thing Paul. Simple questions and need for advice go unanswered. I've totally changed my mind about joining.
    Reply: #75
  25. Paul, Carrie,
    We have limited resources and try to use them to the best of our abilities. We'll certainly aim to spend more and more time to answering questions and need for advice, both here and on social media. Thanks for reminding me of the improvements needed.
  26. louisa
    HI Betty - I had similar results a year ago when I first heard about Keto ... I substituted cheese and the "anxiousness" of "going hungry" and before I knew about Fasting ... and because I understood "the more fat you eat the higher your metabolism" will be ...
    I switched 2 things: fasting 16:8 for 2 weeks and in the morning when having my coffee I would have 2 teaspoons rather than 2 tablespoons of butter/MTC & OR Cream ... then I noticed immediate results so upped the program to a 23 hour fast for 5 days and a 14 day straight fast of Bulltet coffee (again 2 tspns of above ingredients) and home made broth with 2 tspns of salt a day and the rest of the time S.Pelegrino carbonated water with freshly squeezed lemons (in case of hidden gall stones or kidney stones - the lemons and Apple Cider Vinegar soften the stones) .... had a few days of feeling like Crap and flu-like symptoms ... but now I feel like super women and will post my after once I am done~! Hope this helps!
  27. louisa
    Hi Peter - have you watched the video on meat??? the recent research:)????
    Reply: #78
  28. Hi Louisa!

    Probably not. ;)

    Do you have link?

    Hi Peter - have you watched the video on meat??? the recent research:)????

  29. Marcia
    I am on day 22 of this diet. My first 14 days was the 2 week challenge. The food was awesome and just because of that I have stuck to this diet longer than I ever have any diet and it is not a burden. I have adapted to this way of eating. However, I lost 15lbs already and the weight loss has seemed to stop. For the past 5 days I have been at the same weight on the scale, sometimes a pound heavier. Im preparing and eating the meals as directed, I drink at least 8 cups of water each day. I walk daily since I've started this diet. I have had absolutely no carbs other than what are in the meal ingredients. I am following the recipes exactly! What could I be doing wrong to reach this plateau?
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