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  1. Jerry
    What ratio of protien to fat to drop pounds? I cannot find any information within your videos or documentaion that suggests how much.
    Thanks, Jerry
  2. Karen
    I'm so glad a friend told me about your site! I started off doing 50g of carbs a day but now am under 20. I've lost 22 pounds in a month. I'm currently at 247#, diabetic type 2 and my glucose levels are going way down! Can't wait to get off the meds!
    I don't crave sweets at all! That is a miracle. I never would have believed I could be happy without even fruit everyday. I fast intermittently too without a problem. I can be satisfied and not hungry with less than 1000 calories most days. My problem some days is I'm still physiologically hungry but have eaten all/most of my 20 carbs, had close to the 96 protein grams I'm targeting
    and don't know what else to eat that's basically just fat.(93 g target) is my targeting off? The coconut oil in coffee helps but I don't want to drink that at night. I normally don't get hungry till 11 or 12 noon and not again till evening.thanks for any suggestions!

    Can you suggest other high fat, no carb and low protein options?

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  3. Anna Katrina
    Hi Karen, well done on your progress! I am an ex-medicated type 2 too. I think your targets sound about right, although considering you can fast without a problem I don't know why you are thinking about calories? The protein and carb portions you have in mind are appropriate if you aren't getting cravings for sweets and losing weight and your glucose levels are going down. Your protein and carb portions may need adjusting at a later stage, but for the time being, maybe just trying new ingredients and recipes is a good bet? Coconut milk and buttery sauces like Bearnaise sauce and lots of new salad dressing recipes worked great for me.
    Also, Dr Jason Fung recommends drinking water with apple cider vinegar before meals to mitigate the insulin response to food, and I have found this dramatically cut my hunger, without spoiling my appetite. A good multivitamin and mineral supplement happens to have been part of every long phase of comfortable weight loss I ever experienced, as well as waiting to eat AFTER whatever gentle exercise I feel like doing.
    (Link to Dr Fung's free website on the NEW page on this website.)
  4. Asif
    Hello Diet doctors, I have lost 6 kilos in the first month and now over three weeks i have stopped losing weight and not losing at all. I was 130 kilos with just recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2 I need to lose more and more of weight and I need to come back to my life where I was 8 years ago I mean on 70-75 kilos. Please I need your expert advise who to achieve my target and at the same time my fight against diabetes. I am 35 years old Asian man from London. Best regards, Ash
  5. Sandra
    Hello. I have been struggling a bit with the weight loss. Have been LCHF for 2 weeks and have only lost 7 lbs. I know I have to up the fat, but I find it difficult to find high fat foods unless I take bitefuls of butter. Any suggestions?
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  6. Sandra,

    I would try intermittent fasting.

  7. Tamarah
    Karen, I IF most days of the week till 2 PM,, then I just have a high fast snack of a few different items,, Sardines in olive oil with salt or A whole avocado , Cheese and Almonds/or other nut . Pork rinds and Cream cheese ,, and this will satiate me until dinner time which is a littla later for me . I hope this helps
  8. Debi
    I am trying this for a second time. During the first try with LCHF, I initially lost about 6 pounds in the first week, then my weight loss stalled. I gained inches around my belly and took my carb intake way down to less than 20 grams per day. The weight stayed the same for several weeks and I just gave up. I just started over again about 4 days ago. I have a question about the fat intake. If we are trying to burn off our own fat stores, won't adding more dietary fat stop our bodies from tapping into our own fat for energy? I am confused on how adding more dietary fat can actually allow our body to burn our own fat.
  9. houria
    You only increase the fat while your body adapts to using ketones to burn energy, once that is established you slowly start taking down the fat, but that sometimes can take at least 4 to 8 weeks. Also make sure you don't overload on protein.
  10. Sally
    Hallo - your advice please! I started lchf in early August and was delighted with my early weight loss - 28 lbs by mid October. For the last 4 weeks I have stalled and lost nothing. I am on daily IF 20:4 which suits me very well, never hungry. As a beginner, I am using an app for keto diet which monitors carbs (20), protein (52) & fat. I walk every day for 40+ mins. It is disheartening not to be losing any weight, so advice would be appreciated. Sally
  11. Liz
    I have been doing Lchf for about 4 weeks and apart from the first week am not losing at all. I have cut down on dairy but it did not help.I am not eating too much protein nor too much food. No artificial sweeteners either. I have tried entering my intake into Fitness pal so I know I am not overdoing the carbs as I am sticking to 20.
    I am 69 and have hypothyroidism controlled by L thyroxin. I need to lose at least 30kg. I am following all the recommendations punctiliously and getting very discouraged. I tried fasting but it was so unpleasant I was starving and cannot keep it up.
    What is going on?
  12. Lois
    How how many carbs recommended per day to lower blood sugar?
  13. Sandra
    I am 70, hypothyroid, type 2 diabetic. After 6 weeks finally normalized glucose to 75-95 on the meter. Checking first thing in AM then before a meal, 1 hr pp and at 2 hr pp. BUT have yet to drop any weight. I fast from 5pm until noon the next day. My percentages are 5% carbs, 15% protein, 80% fat. 705 calories per day. What can I do to make the weight drop?
  14. Candace
    Are you getting full when you eat at 705 kcals? I'm sure you resolved this since its been a while but I didn't see a response to your question. How did it turn out?
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  16. debra
    For those who have stalled, here are some things I found out, and things to watch for: first, cheese can stall your efforts, as can peanuts/peanut butter, even though they seem like they are LCHF choices. Also, TOO MUCH FAT in your diet can stall you; if you take in too high a percentage of fats, your body has no need to burn its own, so watch the fats also. There is a ratio out there but I can never find it. This is all especially helpful for us older folks, who I think are more sensitive to dietary changes.
  17. Jen
    I have been following you plans & recipes to a tee for two weeks, including the 16:8 fasting but am putting on weight. Not losing it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. Robert
    I ORIGINALLY POSTED THIS ON 3/11. SINCE THEN I HAVE GAINED 1.5 LBS. JUST LOOKING FOR MORE DISCUSSION. I've been following LCHF since approximately 2/15/17 and have lost about 10 lbs all seemingly in the first two weeks. Since that time, my weight fluctuates up and down by 2 - 3 lbs. I'm frustrated to say the least as I need to lose 50 - 75 lbs more to reach a healthy weight and avoid hypertension and diabetes (I'm considered pre-diabetic). My eating is as follows: 4 days per week I eat a LCHF breakfast and dinner (no lunch or snacks) and the other 3 days I use IF by only eating dinner (LCHF). Why aren't I losing weight? Any and all advice welcome. I need help.

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