Meet us at the Low Carb Cruise 2018


Have you signed up for the Low Carb Cruise (May 20-27th)? There will be some very interesting speakers. You’ll also get a chance to hang out with Team Diet Doctor.

If you want to learn more and book tickets, check out the link below:

Low Carb Cruise 2018

Videos from the cruise 2016

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  1. Nancy
    Good Evening,

    I don’t recall receiving any previous email with information or dates of this year’s cruise. If you sent something to me already I must have missed it and I do apologize. I am a new member since the first of the year. Perhaps alumnists already knew about it.

    If not, one month is not nearly enough notice for most folks, especially professionals in private practice like myself, to clear our schedules for such a trip let alone get any decent flights. (I live in Canada). My schedule is usually booked up several months ahead and vacations must be scheduled well in advance.

    Thank you for considering my opinion.

    Nancy Rideout

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