“Mediterranean lifestyle can reduce heart attack risk BY HALF”

Why did some Mediterranean regions traditionally enjoy very low rates of heart disease? Was it because of the diet, or the lifestyle? Exactly what was it?

Here’s another feature on the planned movie The Pioppi Protocol:

Express.co.uk: Mediterranean lifestyle can reduce heart attack risk BY HALF

As I’ve written about before, the filmmakers are trying to produce the movie with no commercial support, and thus no conflicts of interest, funding it by the people using Kickstarter. This independence is essential to make the movie truthful and believable.

The movie is now about 50% funded with seven more days to go. If they fail to hit 100% there will be no funding and the project is dead. Consider supporting it and you can watch it before anyone else AND be a part of making it happen at all:

Kickstarter: What are the TRUE longevity secrets of the Mediterranean?


Is the Mediterranean Diet Healthy? – Nina Teicholz
How to Make Your Food a Powerful Medicine, Not a Slow Poison – Dr. Aseem Malhotra


  1. Jkart
    By "half"? Sounds like an absurd and misleading relative risk ratio percentage change. What is the absolute risk reduction?

    Love the post's image though. Maybe better heart health is due more to such a beautiful environment and scenery.

  2. Marty Kendall
    Getting a range of 'good fats' is important. Saturated fat is great but our bodies also need plenty of omega 3 (fish) and oleic acid (olive oil) too.. That's why the Mediterranean diet works. See https://optimisingnutrition.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/good-fats-bad-fats/

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