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  1. 2 comments removed
  2. Ginette
    About to finish my two first weeks of the Keto challenge, I have to say it’s been a walk in the park, easy recipes and tasty.Im on target to loose around 9 to 10 pounds by the end of this two weeks. Been trying to loose this stubborn 10 pounds for almost 18 months! I will keep going total weight loss in the past 3 years has been 40 lbs the old fashion way. I would hit walls and regain, would be demotivated and also been plagued with training injures trying to keep a training regime that did not deliver. This takes the thinking out of eating, I have stopped thinking of food all the time and enjoyed other things in my life. My only concern is the slow transit of my food and lack of potassium ,vitamines and the salt content in this diet. Any idea anyone on supplements. I know I can up my carbs once I hit my target weight but a little more clarification on this would help. I’m a convert! Thanks you!
  3. Samantha Rowe
    I want to join but why do I see comment removed when some one is having problems?
    Reply: #355
  4. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Samantha!

    Most removed comments is because of spam. Some removed is members who want to cancel. When we have done the cancellation the comments are removed. Almost no comments are removed because of complaints. But in rare case when bad language is used we will remove the comments.

    We encourage everyone to give positive and negative feedback in the comment section and most of all we hope comments are used to help each other.

    Welcome as a member! :)

    I want to join but why do I see comment removed when some one is having problems?

  5. 1 comment removed
  6. TDixon
    I love Low Carb it makes me feel much better - my joints improve, my skin looks better and I automatically drink so much more water. I had signed up and paid the subscription which I thought was very reasonable, however I'm just not losing weight. I am 4.5 to 5.0 mmol/L in the morning after fasting apx 14 hrs. I have been fasting through the night and day and only eating my early evening meal with my family. I am well overweight by 75lbs. What the hell am I doing wrong!?
  7. 1 comment removed
  8. Wendy
    Yes I'd like to know that answer as well! As I have seen improvements such as yours but the scale is so stubborn. I do the 16:8 - count my carbs and still weight is static.
  9. eva
    Like you, I am not losing weight. I've been doing this now for 5 weeks and have not lost weight. Now I am counting carbs (20 grams), still no movement. I followed this diet a year and a half ago and then lost about 7 pounds within a couple of months. Doing it again this weight loss. In the in-between time I was eating moderate no carbs and gained back the 7 pounds which I'm working on losing. Will not give up as I understand that this is one of the healthiest way to eat.
  10. Bret
    The not losing weight issue seems to be a running theme here. I also am not losing. 15-25 carbs daily, eating recipes that I find here. Please help!
  11. Johnathan
    I have a general question about Extended Fasting for type II diabetics whose blood sugar is controlled enough to go off meds and did go off their meds (though this is not seeking medical advice for any particular patient). During extended fasting, a full week into said (only taking water and vitamins), after blood sugar levels are expected to drop that first week, would there be any likely reason if blood sugars then raised up during the second week and remained high? Just a theoretical example: blood sugars were 200 before starting extended fasting, then dropped to 100 during the first week and remained there all week, but then raised back up to 150-200 starting with and throughout the second week? Again, this does not pertain to blood sugar fluctuations during the first couple of days but rather in the timeframe mentioned during the second week only, and not being on any medications.
  12. Johnathan
    Don't see responses to the last two weeks of postings/questions, but hopefully they'll return soon.
  13. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Jonathan!

    If you are a member then you can ask our experts general questions. For example you could try with Dr Fung here:

  14. 3 comments removed
  15. Chambliss
    I have reduced the fat intake and that seemed to help me pick back up the weight loss. Sometimes you just have to adjust the carbs fat and protein to your body.
  16. 1 comment removed
  17. Jayraj
    For year membership send details
    Reply: #371
  18. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Jayraj!

    Sorry, we only have monthly subscription.

    For year membership send details

  19. 2 comments removed
  20. janet
    Question -
    Any diet plans for 'Ethical' vegans on keto?

    Thanks very much

  21. 2 comments removed
  22. Lily
    Hi Team Diet Doctor

    Early this year my father was diagnose with bullous pemphigoid. He was also diagnose with Type 2 diabetes 30 years ago and had minor stroke. He is taking medication for these 3.

    He was also admitted to hospital (3 times - very long story) this year (now discharge). He is skinny but slowly putting on weight. He was taking 40mg/day of prednisolone for the pemphigoid which affected his blood glucose (ranges between 10 to 15). Now it has been reduced to 15mg/day and so far no new blisters. To help control his blood glucose, I reduce rice and noodles significantly. He mainly eats meat, vegetables and fruits. For the past 2 weeks his pre-breakfast readings are ranging between 5 to 8. Twice it has gone below 5 (4.1. and 3.9).

    I need further guidance, for example ... once I checked his reading before dinner was 18.4 (the same day pre breakfast was 4.1 - I reduced the metformin as advised by doctor). I am not sure whether the high reading was due to him exercise 1 1/2 hour before the reading or because he had brown rice (small portion) for lunch or the 15mg prednisolone or reducing the metformin.

    I am also confuse reading about fat and glucose spikes. All the whilst my understanding was type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin, now I read there's too much insulin in type 2 diabetes.

    I am wondering what type of support I can get by being a member.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Many thanks.

  23. Vanessa
    Good Morning Diet Doctor,
    No questions for me but just a big thank you for all this wonderful free information and for your time. Much appreciated. I would like to keep you posted of my progress. I begin today. Thank you.
  24. 2 comments removed
  25. Andre Desjardins
    My wife has thyroid issue since the age of 18. (Hypothyroid - low dose 0.112mg) She has been having issues with losing belly fat for the last 9 years. She is now 41.
    Does a Ketogenic diet help with resetting for Thyroid Issues? All the literature seems to point to having some carbs to initiate the Thyroid function.
    Looking to help my wife
    Thank you
    Reply: #382
  26. Andre,
    Weight loss (if appropriate) can reduce the need for thyroid hormone (and medications) by a bit, but beyond that a keto diet usually has no noticeable effect on that.

    Andreas Eenfeldt

  27. 1 comment removed
  28. Becky
    The meals look great and I am excited about starting this. However, I don't eat pork. Can I use turkey bacon and turkey pepperoni instead and still be low carb?
  29. Kelly Snyder
    Do you guys have an app or something to track my daily carb and fats intake to make sure i'm in ketosis?
  30. Wendy
    I am thinking of joining. I was wondering if you have kidney stones can you do ketogenic?
  31. Stephanie Binz
    I am a member but with the e mail there is no place to log in just places to join. How can I get to see the info needed? By the way I had lost 30 pounds with program.
    Stephanie 1.14.18
  32. Kimberly
    Hi, I'm considering joining and have been looking at info on the site. I read you don't have to become a member in order to start the diet as all the info currently on the site is free. That said, I'm looking for something that says, "Start here" or "Do this first" or something similar. Basically, I am looking for some handholding as I start this. Have I missed it in my readings, would that initial breakdown be provided once I join or would I simply just start with recipes and a shopping list? Thanks.
    Reply: #395
  33. 1 comment removed
  34. Barbara McGuire
    I too am a member but can’t log in and can’t access all the videos.
    Reply: #393
  35. Mariana
    Hi, with the membership may be guide in my pregnancy , i mean a menu adapted to my needs? Kind regards.
    Reply: #394
  36. 1 comment removed
  37. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Barbara!

    If problem persists please contact:

    I too am a member but can’t log in and can’t access all the videos.

  38. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Mariana!

    Sorry, we don't have any pregnancy guides for members.

    You could read this for free:


    Hi, with the membership may be guide in my pregnancy , i mean a menu adapted to my needs? Kind regards.

  39. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Kimberly!

    I recommend that you start here:

    You don't have to be a member for that. :)

    Hi, I'm considering joining and have been looking at info on the site. I read you don't have to become a member in order to start the diet as all the info currently on the site is free. That said, I'm looking for something that says, "Start here" or "Do this first" or something similar. Basically, I am looking for some handholding as I start this. Have I missed it in my readings, would that initial breakdown be provided once I join or would I simply just start with recipes and a shopping list? Thanks.

  40. 2 comments removed
  41. Marg
    I have a friend that has been told she has a fatty liver . Could fatty liver be caused from eating too much fat ? What should she be eating?
    Reply: #399
  42. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Marg!

    I think it's the carbs. :)

    More reading here:

  43. Sandra
    Hi there, I don't have a creditcard. Can I still participate?
  44. Cindy
    We have decided to take the 2 week challenge, starting this coming Monday. We are trying to practice proper eating before we actually start this keto diet. I have looked all over the site and have tried to find the 500 recipes, to no avail. What am I doing wrong? So we went ahead and had 3 small beef fried sausages, one poached egg and some broccoli and cauliflower. Are we in the right mindset?
  45. 2 comments removed
  46. ghsts2
    just started the challenge and for those like me addicted to dairy and eggs it all looks good until i went to "customize", now struggling big time on day 2, (not used to the lower fiber and volume.) my intuition was to just plug in things like spinach, broccoli, more avocado, kale, chard, cabbage, spring mix but the numbers go really bad quickly on paper of course, my intuition also led to runaway type2 from going vegan for a year.
  47. Nicole
    Hello. I started the keto diet as a free trial. I loved it so much I decided to join the membership. I have how very only lost about 7 lbs since then which to me seems low. I have been diligent in making sure I do not exceed 20 grams carbs per day. I was in full ketosis (dark purple) for about 3 days last week and suddenly the sticks are showing between negative and trace since. Am I doing something wrong or is this a false negative? Please help me to not be discouraged! Nikki
  48. Andy L.
    Is there any benefit to this diet for polycystic kidney disease? Thanks, Andy
  49. Geraldine D. Kuss
    Log in and look at your profile...
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