McDonald’s 20-minute infomercial coming to a school near you

Unbiased education?

Can you eat at McDonald’s and lose weight (if they pay you to do it)? Yes, sure it’s possible. It just takes lots of willpower and planning. The second you start to eat everything you want – the human thing to do – you’ll instead start putting on excess weight, like everyone else eating there.

McDonalds is now taking a 20-minute infomercial to schools. They are trying to fool kids into thinking that just because it’s possible to lose weight eating at McDonald’s it’s not way easier to gain weight.

The Lunch Tray: “540 Meals:” A McDonald’s Infomercial Coming to a School Near You

Of course the science teacher losing weight eating at McDonald’s is now on McDonald’s payroll. It’s like the professor making big headlines for losing weight on a “Twinkie diet”. Later it turned out Coca-Cola was paying him big money.

Funny how the people who manage to lose weight eating fast food always seem to be paid to do it. Like it’s actually hard work or something…


The New – and Secretly Paid – Faces of Coca-Cola


  1. Fred
    I thought this was put to bed with Tom Naughton's "Fat Head". I could be wrong, but I don't believe Mr. Naughton's "Fat Head" documentary was bankrolled by McDonald's or Coca-cola. If one makes sensible daily choices, a meal here or there at McDonald's is not going to result in obesity.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Certainly it's possible to lose weight eating at McDonald's. But it takes a lot of planning, calorie counting and wasted self discipline (that could be used for something more productive).

    The second you stop thinking so hard and disciplining yourself constantly it's all likely to fall apart.

  3. Randal L. Schwartz
    I'm probably an n=1 experiment that most people wouldn't reproduce, but I've eaten 99% of my meals in restaurants (fast and slow) over most of my adult life. When I discovered Fat Head, I was *easily* able to adjust the choices I made at restaurants to begin to eat Low Carb, High Fat. And *without* calorie counting, *without* exercise, and *without* starving, I lost 45 pounds in six months to reach my goal weight, which I have maintained in the subsequent 3 years.

    So, with the right *knowledge*, it doesn't take *willpower*. It just takes making the right choices. And yes, you can easily lose weight eating at McDonalds every day, *with* the right knowledge and goal.

  4. Ricki
    "The second you stop thinking so hard and disciplining yourself constantly it's all likely to fall apart."

    I think that could be said with any dietary approach, including this one. Unless you are disciplined and constantly thinking about food choices it's easy to be caught out with so many non LCHF choices everywhere you look.

    I got down to a ripped 8% body fat drinking beer, eating kfc, McDonald's, biscuits, crisps alongside all my normal healthy mixed macro foods....I just fasted twice a week for 24 hours eat stop eat style. For me it was easier to go for a short time each week not putting any food in my mouth and keeping busy.

    Calories do count and sugar is not the cause of obesity. Over eating and bad nutritional choices and habits are.

    To put it another way man or woman spends lifetime making crappy food choices and bad nutritional choices = gains lots of weight and has many health issues.

    Then that same man or woman goes on LCHF (or any dietary approach) starts making good nutritional food choices and starts to lose weight and improve health.....why are we surprised again?

    I get what your saying with your approach but it is no magic bullet....the magic happens when nutritional changes are made and bad habits are broken and they stay that way for the rest of your life.

    Any dietary approach that causes you to change bad habits and gets you to commit to those changes for the rest of your life will see an improvement to your health and your waistline.

    The Big Mac isn't bad....10 a day might be though if your daily calories don't allow it!

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  5. Vicente
    Talking about calories and overeating is blatantly stupid. People only do that to blame the obese for their condition.

    Any proof any diet works if you commit to it?

    (Note: a diet works if it makes you lose a lot of weight, e.g. 50 pounds, and you don't gain it back in the long term, 3-4 years)

    There is no such proof because counting calories only makes you lose weight in the short-term, but it also makes you regain the weight in the long term)

  6. Sandy
    All of the above points aside, how on earth is McDonalds being allowed to take their message into schools?! How can any school with any integrity allow ANY clearly biased entity, complete with shareholders and financial agendas, to teach their children anything?! That is the part of this message that horrifies me.
  7. Ricki
    Vicente, firstly don't call my comment stupid and then speak complete and utter drivel and post a link to quite possibly the worst evidence based blog I have ever read. We are talking about the human body not a restaurant or staff...the person that wrote that probably still believes you have to eat every few hours to "Stoke the metabolism"

    Take a read of this and you might actually enlighten yourself to a few scientific facts!

    Where in my comment did I mention anything about blaming obesity on anyone? You can still have problems with your weight and with crappy eating habits and not be obese.

    You seem to have got your hackles up very quickly and leapt to the defence of something with out first arming yourself properly.

    Any proof any diet will work if adhered to? Errm this whole site has 1000s of people as just one, I'll go across to success pages of any diet website and easy evidence before I start linking to pubmed articles that say the only proven way to lose fat long term is to restrict calories in the long term.

    What do you think you, me and anybody on any success page has all got in common....we all restricted calories and lost....those who did it smartly would have lost mostly fat, those who did it in a silly way probably lost a lot of LBM along with some fat thus reducing their metabolism in the long run.

    So yes any diet will work long term if you adhere to it in the long term....the problems happen when you stop adhering and go back to old habits....and that is exactly what happens in that awful long term example you gave.

    Are you enjoying success on LCHF? Are you still adhering to it? If you are losing on the scale you are restricting calories....fact! I wonder what would happen if you stopped adhering to it and went back to old sh*tty habits and no doubt consume too many calories. That's right all that old weight would come back on.

    Also when you talk about losing something you should only be concerned with losing fat and not just losing weight!

    i think it's very ignorant to think that the only approach is this one.....everything will work with adherence.

    And lastly no, long term is the rest of your life and you can put weight back on and it not be deemed a's called lifting some heavy stuff to give your body a signal to build muscle, upping your calories and putting on LBM.

    I stand by my original post and seeing as the doctor didn't leap in to rebuff anything I said I hasten a guess he agrees with what I said ie his comment could be used to describe any dietary soon as that adherence fails so does the approach.

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  8. Janet Y
    Only an infomercial? Here's a children's hospital that adds a doughnut company to their name!
  9. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor

    I stand by my original post and seeing as the doctor didn't leap in to rebuff anything I said I hasten a guess he agrees with what I said ...

    Doctor Andreas has a busy schedule so the absence of a comment probably shouldn't be interpreted in any way.

    :-) Peter Team DietDoctor

  10. Vicente
    Talking about calories is stupid.

    "the only proven way to lose fat long term is to restrict calories in the long term". You can't give me ONE single study that proves that. Restricting calories never has worked for losing an important amount of weight in the long term.

    As a matter of fact you haven't given me the link to a study that makes people lose a mean of 20-25 Kg and keep that weight off for 3-4 years. Because the method doesn't work for most of us.

    But of course you can believe in the hypothesis that almost everybody lacks the willpower needed to follow a diet in the long term. That is nonsense, in my opinion. Talking about adherence is nonsense because "eat less move more" has never proved to work in a scientific study. Prove me wrong, please: 20-25 Kg lost and that weight is maintaned for 3-4 years. Good luck with that!

  11. Vicente
  12. Apicius
    Really...eating 10 Big Mac's per day could be the problem leading to obesity? No! Really? Wow, that's genius!!! You know what? You are hell with the LCHF way and instead, I shall follow your genius plan of not eating 10 Big Macs per day. Good golly....if only I was informed of your genius plan before I started LCHF! Ok, so now I get. I shall fastidiously calculate and equate the number of calories of Big Mac to hours of exercise, using the magical calories in calories out formula that you obviously have brilliantly mastered, track it several times throughout the day (because you know, I have tons of time to do this sort of mind-numbing thing) and oh yeah, adding extra hours to my work day for more mind-numbing exercise, too, of course, makes tons of sense. Look at all the delicious Big Macs I've been depriving myself of, where instead I have been quarantining my meals to boring stuff, like bacon, and fresh vegetables from local farmers market, and full fat cheese, and grass fed steak and know, the stuff no one cares to eat. Oh my goodness...what a revelation, Ricki. You are my new hero.
  13. Ricki aka the Hero!
    Vicente – the reason I hadn't posted any studies is because I was on the move and frankly couldn't be bothered to enter in to a fools argument with somebody who believe such rubbish as the link you posted before and now again afterwards.

    Here is one of many which put to bed everything you are trying to argue. Goodnight!

    How about this one which shows that weight loss can be achieved with varying levels of insulin present

    How about this one that says that overal dietary adherence is linked to greater levels of weight lost

    And this one if you're in the reading mode...

    And these two blog posts by Sweden's own Martin Berkhan will also enlighten you as he has already done a much better job than I could ever do of destroying the myths you are peddaling.

    In terms of your weight lost and it is your time to prove to me and show me the study that somebody has lost and then maintained weight when eating an excess of calories any....goodluck you wont find it because it doesn't exist!

    Also find me the study that shows someone putting on weight when eating below their daily needs, for this you can use what ever diet method you like....again you wont find it.

    Once you have that then also try this experiment, Apicius you can try this one too....take what LCHF diet you are currently eating and double every part of every meal you are this for 6 months and report back to me what happened to your if your arguments are valid then you will continue to lose weight.

    You say that I am an idiot for saying that calorie restriction is the only proven way and then go on to say how you have lost weight and kept it off by calorie restricting? Eh? Are you a troll?

    Vicente if you opened your mind a bit you will see that we are actually in have lost weight and kept it off with LCHF...well done sir, you successfully calorie restricted and then maintained using the LCHF diet.

    I also lost weight and kept it off eating all my usual mixed western foods healthy and non healthy choices using a 2 day a week fasting method...well done Ricki, i successfully calorie restricted and then maintained using the eat stop eat method.

    It is the same....unless you are trying to debate with me that you ate in a calorie SURPLUS and lost all that weight and maintained....if you are telling me that and can back up and prove it with your scientific data then this debate win is yours and i admit defeat.

    And Apicius that's brilliant and really adds to the discussion, did I say it was a plan? Did I say that that was the cause of obesity? Did I say that you had to meticulous plan and count anything and everything? No...bore off you jerk...I was merely using the big mac as an example seeing as this is a McDonalds related posting...substitute my ten big mac comments for 50 kilos of broccoli or 10 kilos of that grass fed butter you are so keen on and then come back and tell me you haven't put any weight on!

    Good for you Apicius, I also enjoyed all of those things when I cut down to 8% bodyfat from 30% but i also enjoyed my lovely wholefood carbs and refined carbs too! Ah sweet sweet insulin.

    Real life example for you... take Vicente, Apicius and the Hero all standing 6ft tall all 20% body fat and all need 2000 calories a day....The hero eats 2 big macs with extra sauce totalling 1000 calories, he even treats himself to a strawberry shake, well you know, oh just for the hell of it and because he likes it so....he tops out at 1600 calories a day and feels great after deadlifting double his own body weight in the gym.

    Vicente loves his LCHF plate of Cheese and Nuts but has had a bad day at the office and guilt eats plate after plate on the sofa at night and totals 2500 calories.

    Apicius loves his grass fed butter and beef all with kilos of leafy green kale on the side because he's heard this is the latest superfood and you can eat as much as you like and you wont get fat....because he loves it so much he doesn't stop eating and packs in 4000 calories after plentiful helpings throughout the day.

    What do you think happens to our three examples do this and eating this way every day in say 6 months....12 months, 24 months or even 3-4 years as Vicente loves that time line so much.

    Now try and debate anything other than the following out come and show me the studies....Vicente will be overweight, so will Apicius but our hero will likely be a ripped version of his former self.

    Why is this? Ah my point is proved.

    The point I was making originally before all of this nonsense debate is that the Dr said that it is possible to lose weight eating at McDonalds. But that the second you stop thinking so hard and disciplining yourself constantly its all likely to fall apart....I merely highlighted that that is the case for every single dietary approach not just all the others apart from LCHF.

    Your hero Ricki . Peace out x

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