Massively important: A unique opportunity to change the US Dietary Guidelines


For about 40 years, the US government has advocated a high-carb diet (to needlessly lower intake of natural saturated fats).

During the exact same time period, we’ve suffered an unprecedented epidemic of obesity, type 2 diabetes and related diseases. In a few decades, the prevalence of obesity has tripled in most countries, and the rise in type 2 diabetes is even more extreme. This epidemic started in the US, but has spread around the world, as most nations has followed the US with the same high-carb diet advice.


Modern science shows that high-carb diets can be negative for people’s weight and blood glucose levels, especially when containing sugar and refined carbs like our modern Western diet. Low-carb diets regularly show better results for weight loss (demonstrated in at least 31 RCT studies). Modern science also disproves the failed ideas behind the war on natural fats.

In other words, the low-fat and carb-heavy diet of today has been proven to be ineffective in preventing disease, and possibly the main causal reason behind the epidemics of obesity, type 2 diabetes and related diseases (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers’, etc.). But the experts of yesterday have a hard time accepting this, or even seeing it. They are still stuck in their old way of thinking.

Now, we have a unique opportunity to right this wrong, to stop the epidemics of obesity and disease, to make the world a healthier place.

There’s now an opportunity to reform these obsolete and failed US dietary guidelines. This could mark a critical point to change the future of the entire world, as other nations tend to follow the lead of the US.

You could make an important difference.

Last week the US government announced that for the next version of those guidelines, in 2020, it will focus on selective topics that need to be reviewed in light of updated science. This list of possible topics – amazingly – includes both the low-carbohydrate diet and saturated fats, The USDA has asked for public comments on these topics, and the comments are likely to influence their selection of which topics to review. Please submit your comment!

The deadline is just a few weeks away – March 30th. Many people supporting these obsolete fat-phobic and carb-heavy guidelines will likely comment, so more updated views need to be represented as well. Please participate and help change this. It can make a huge difference for us all.

Here’s how to quickly add a comment, or encourage others to do it via your Facebook or Twitter account:

Nutrition Coalition: How to submit a public comment on the Dietary Guidelines

Thank you!

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  1. Nate
    Thanks for advertising this. Laura and I submitted our comments yesterday.
  2. Stacey
    Done! I am only one. But all of our stories, one by one, will make a difference! Thank you--all of you at Diet Doctor, for all you do. I love this website!
  3. Charlene
    Done-- I am also sending this out to others.
  4. Ash Simmonds
    I'm less than enthusiastic about anything realistic happening. We've known the guidelines were utterly wrong or at least based on absence of evidence back when they were introduced. Here, a critical look, from 1982:


    Not sure anything we do now can push the avalanche of stupidity back up the mountain.

  5. Gary
    I have added my comment. I too am not hopeful that this will lead to any significant changes. People living (or dying) with metabolic diseases is big business. We are saying it could be fixed without pills or bariatric surgery. Big pharma/food/HMO have the money (access) to the politicians. Corporate interests control legislation. However, I wrote my comment because I believe that doing nothing is wrong! This website and LCHF has transformed my life and I want to shout it from the mountain tops.
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  6. Barb Bout
    A Low starch, vegetable heavy, moderate fruit and protein and fat welcoming diet is ideal
    Reply: #7
  7. PKDaw
    I'm agree with you.
  8. Allan
    Vegan would clearly be the best route, all I'm saying is, you never see an obese vegan, they're either thin or muscular. They don't seem to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. Something must be right about that diet. My father tried lchf/atkins and he died in hospital. He suffered from morbid obesity and diabetes due to the high fat and sugar, and way too much meat in his diet.
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  9. John Mohlmann
    Hi all, extremely excited about my journey on the road of LCHF. Sugar is definitely the demon here.
    If your serious about your health, try to remove it completely over time. It’s tough, however your body adapts and before you realise, you begin feeling energised.
    The clarity of thought is amazing too.
    Love it!!
  10. Lisa
    Allan, I know overweight vegans struggling with metabolic syndrome. Check out Denise Minger's article about genetic predispositions that make veganism unhealthy.
  11. Fran Phillips
    I do know that the keto diet has my body to a place where I am no longer in pain constantly from fibromyalgia.
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  13. WarblingLisa
    Thank you, Andreas, for making us aware of this initiative. Can we make a difference? I sure hope so. I've been able to reverse my Type II Diabetes with this powerful dietary intervention with no meds AND without a significant amount of weight loss. I feel great! The weight loss is coming along slowly but surely. I can be patient because for the first time in my long (I'm talking looooong) dieting history, I've not regained any of the weight I've lost over the past two years. That is truly amazing for me!

    Many thanks for all the wonderful information available on Diet Doctor!!

  14. Debra
    Alan, You say your father died in hospital from diabetes and he was using lchf/atkins.......both these diets are not high sugar or low sugar - they are no sugar diets! I also know vegans and vegetarians that are over weight. There are also a lot of reformed vegans and vegetarians that have come over to the lchf way of life due to nutritional and health issues. What it boils down to is to each his own - if this works for you great but please do some research before knocking this way of life.
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  16. Deborah Holmén
    I think you would enjoy this documentary on another approach to healing thyself. I used to believe that Big Pharma, GMO's and corporations controlled us. But it's up to us to create the paradigm shift. You are a great example of doing your part in sharing and commenting.

    Good luck on your health journey!

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