Manchester City coach: Quit pizza or quit training!


So you need carbs if you’re an athlete, right? Not if you ask Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, who wants his players to quit refined carbs such as pizza and soda.

If they don’t follow his demands, if they’re not close to their target weight, they’re not allowed to train with the team.

  • The Telegraph: Pep Guardiola Bans Overweight Manchester City Players from Training
  • News Week: Manchester City: Why Has Pep Guardiola Banished Pizza-Loving from Training?

    This is all in an attempt to make his players fit and to prevent injuries that may happen due to extra weight. It’s about creating a winning team.

    So… if even these elite athletes (who train A LOT) need to stay away from refined carbs in order to stay fit, perhaps regular people would be better off doing it too.


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