Managing blood sugar in type 1 diabetes by eating low carb

Is a low-carb diet good for managing blood sugar in diabetes type 1? Sure. It’s been shown in studies and many people have experienced it. Including this tech blogger, who just wrote a detailed analysis of his experiences:

Diabetes and Tech: Managing Glycaemic Variability by Eating Low Carb. Does It Work?

High blood glucose variability is a risk factor in diabetes, since it amplifies the risk of diabetes complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy – as well as the risk of hypos.

Low carb stabilizes blood sugar and keeps it within range more than a “regular” diet, meaning that diabetes risks should be significantly lowered.

Do you agree that a low-carb diet is better for managing type 1 diabetes?


Type 1

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  1. bill
    Regarding the picture accompanying
    this article: What a terrible place to
    stick yourself to get a blood sample.
    Better the sides of the little fingers.
    Don't destroy the pads of your major
  2. Shiplo
    A low carb diet is the gold standard approach for managing glycemic variability in insulin dependant diabetics in my opinion. From personal experience as a Type 3C diabetic I cannot stress how good my blood glucose, body composition and health markers have been since going low carb /keto almost 2 years ago.

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