What would make you stay a member long-term?

What would make people stay a Diet Doctor member long-term? We asked our members and got more than 1,800 replies. Here are the results:


A meal-planning and shopping-list tool

Most members want a tool that makes meal planning and shopping easier. We have already decided to make such a tool and here is how it could work:

Do you want to plan for a week or just for a day? You decide. Add meals to your plan by clicking the recipes you want. When you are done planning, the tool automatically creates a shopping list for you.

It will take time to create this tool but we’ll start the planning for it during this month. What do you want from the meal-planning and shopping-list tool? Let us know.

A recipe app

Many members would like a recipe app too. We have some ideas but what would you like from such an app?

An “Ask the Experts” app

An “Ask the Experts” app is a popular idea amongst our members. We understand why – it is not simple enough to ask questions and find answers at the moment.

We have decided to massively improve “Ask the Experts” and we will start improving the functionality this coming week. What improvements would you like to see?

A podcast app (audio versions of videos)

Would it be awesome to have audio versions of all member videos easily available on your phone? Many members think so and so do we.

We have started looking into how we can make this happen for you guys and hopefully we will have something ready a month or two from now.

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  1. Luke H
    All of this sounds really cool! Any chance of getting the video content on the Roku? I would be watching all your stuff but computer watching is just not ideal. I'd love to absorb all your knowledge while in front of my TV!
  2. Eric
    I like the science. More please!
    Why not Interview doctor panda from Salk institute lab on time restricted feeding?
    Thanks Eric
  3. Jean
    I am wondering who you see as your target audience. As a long time low carber I would like to see more in depth science but I also understand the importance of providing content that will attract and maintain the membership of people new to low carb. I believe that getting the lchf message out is vitally important so I remain a member but sometimes I wish there was more "higher" level content. Like Eric above I would really like to listen to an interview with Dr Panda. Dr Rhonda Patrick's interview of Dr Panda was fascinating.
  4. bill
    Have the videos on Youtube so they can
    be watched at 1.5 or 2 times speed. Who
    can spend all the time to watch all these
    videos in real time?
  5. Eric
    Yes, Dr Patrick's interview with doctor panda led me to read the Salk institute's paper's on trf. And reduce my eating window to eight hours. From the first sip of coffee to the last bit of food.

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