Lustig, the number one talk of #AHS11, now online

To me professor Robert Lustig’s talk was the most “rewarding” of the Ancestral Health Symposium. Now everyone can see it.

To fully appreciate the video you need to simultaneously open Lustig’s slides to see them. It also helps if (like me) you are intrigued by the biochemistry of sugar, insulin and leptin – and how that relates to regulating our weight. Also observe that the video is spliced wrong: at 09:00 skip to 18:36 at the end skip back to 09:00.

To summarize Lustig puts (too much) insulin front and center as the cause of common obesity. The likely reason is ingesting excessive amounts of sugar/fructose (or even more massive amounts of starch/glucose) and a lack of fiber to slow the absorption.

Interestingly, the high levels of insulin blocks leptin, giving us leptin resistance, and in the long term obesity. There you have it: the insulin- and the leptin-people are both right.

Let’s see if this talk scores 1,5M viewers like his “Bitter Truth” talk did on YouTube. I see Lustig chose a better tie this time, just in case. Too bad he forgot removing his name tag instead. But those are details: Lustig is a very good speaker with lots of insights.


  1. Ingen speciell
    "Let’s see if this talk scores 1,5M viewers like his “Bitter Truth” talk did on YouTube. I see Lustig chose a better tie this time, just in case."

    If I'd venture a guess, it won't until an edited version is released _with_ the slides.

    Any info on what the end product of the editing is going to be? A video with slides showing upp a few seconds, or the slides with the presenter popping up for a few seconds?

    My preference would be posting it on a site that presents the video and slides side by side, synced and annotated.

    Like this:
    or this:

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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Ingen speciell,
    You may be right. I'm still trying to get all the recordings, but my plan is to edit a video of my lecture including the slides, and post it to YouTube. It may take a few more days because of all the work involved.
  3. It can be done with a live presentation if the person behind the video is good enough.

    This version Gary Taubes at the Walnut Creek Library
    shows how it can be done. Even so there is too much time looking at the audience though in the AHS case a little bit of audience watching would have been interesting for those who couldn't be present.

  4. I believe our video guru put up the raw footage now (since everyone was clammoring for it) and will put up the integrated video+slides in the final version later when they're done. They take a lot of work to do (matching time stamps, etc.), so folks will need to show some patience (nah, not a chance!).
  5. Anne
    Thanks for the raw footage. I was able to look at the slides during the lecture. Being as patient as I can.
  6. Ingen speciell
    #4 Aaron

    I greatly appreciate you guys putting up the raw footage as soon as possible.

    I was just curious about what kind of end product you were shooting for, and also wanted to suggest alternatives to mixing in slides in the video itself. Since it might be easier and with a, at least to me, preferable end result to do it the alternative way.

    Kudos to you guys for getting the AHS together and getting all this great info out to the public! Great work, much appreciated! :-)

  7. Dr. Staffan Lindeberg: Food and western disease Video now available
    Slides are here
    Food and Western Disease Staffan Lindeberg MD PhD

    My system of having the slides on the laptop and the video on the PC worked absolutely fine. I had no problems keeping them reasonably together even though he skipped a few slides here and there.

  8. Sam Mackrill
    This footage is spliced in the wrong order.

    To avoid confusion
    at 09:00 skip to 18:36

    at the end skip back to 09:00

    This may prevent you head exploding

  9. Juhani M
    "This may prevent you head exploding"

    And who would want that to happen?

  10. velumenous
    Great, well worth the time to watch. Pay attention to Sam's comments above about the order though. Makes a lot more sense if you watch the presentation in the order it was given.
  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks. Can't believe nobody else has mentioned that. Wonder how many heads have exploded?
  12. moreporkplease
    I would suggest that this lecture seals Lustig as the most credible expert with the soundest theory now.

    Of course we will learn more later - this is science, not faith - but I now believe Lustig to be currently the one with the best biochemistry, the best research, and very nice clinical results.

    The clinical results are important, because rats aren't human. We need theories that have been shown to have validity in living people! :)

  13. FrankG
    Am I the only one who cannot get past slide #35? It just freezes up my browser around that slide. I've tried repeatedly with different browsers and on different PCs over the last few days. Help please... I am really keen to view this presentation.
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  15. Another talk from Lustig that readers of this thread may also want to watch.
    Authors@Google: Robert Lustig
  16. Logan
    I really like the IHMC video format, slides on one side sync'd up with a video of the speaker on the other side so the speaker is facing the slides as in the presentation.

    Example of one with Peter Attia:

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