Professor Robert Lustig and Dr. Peter Attia discuss sugar, obesity and longevity

Here’s a new discussion panel with two of my absolute favorite nutrition experts in the world: Professor Robert Lustig and Dr. Peter Attia.

They talk about sugar, obesity and metabolic syndrome (Lustig) and how to live longer (Attia) among other things. Worth watching if you’re interested in these topics.


The Cause of Obesity – Professor Robert Lustig
Very Low-Carb Performance – Dr. Peter Attia


Amazing Read: The Sugar Conspiracy

The Secret Diet of the Fittest Senior Citizen on the Planet


  1. Jan
    Where can I find the slides Dr Lustig is referring to? The slides are outside the camera!
  2. Marion
    This was an excellent panel! It answered several question I had about fatty liver disease.
    (I've noticed that I've been a bit grumpy lately in my comments, so I thought I'd pipe up when I'm feeling positive about something for a change, lol!)
  3. Debra
    Great stuff! Wish we had the slides!
  4. Ian
    Two of my heroes!
    I like the way they both are sensitive to the matter of lactose intolerance. I love my dairy, but we can forget there is widespread intolerance.

    McCracken, RD 1971, 'Lactase Deficiency: An Example of Dietary Evolution', Current Anthropology, vol. 12, no. 4/5, pp. 479-517.

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