The low-fat diet doesn’t work, according to leading Harvard MD

Dr. David Ludwig

Dr. David Ludwig

The dietary advice we were given caused us to swap fat for foods high in sugar. The result? Skyrocketing rates of diabetes and obesity. It’s now about time to realize that the low-fat diet just didn’t work, says Dr. David Ludwig at Harvard:

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  1. Daniel
    When I viewed this article on CNN it was accompanied with a video recipe for a low fat, high carb,"healthy" pumpkin parfait desert -exactly the sort of food Dr. Ludwig was warning us about.
  2. Maura
    At the suggestion of my nutritionist, I read Ludwig's "Always Hungry", and it was both liberating and eye-opening. It's no coincidence that after reading Ludwig's book, I began avidly searching for good information about nutrition, and found DietDoctor.

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