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All recipes are gluten-free, low carb and free from artificial sweeteners. Click any recipe image for full recipe and nutrition panel.

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    I like to print out my low carbo Keto recipes and like that the Nurtrition is on the screen. However, the Nurtrition does not print on to the recipe. I have to manually write it onto the print out. Can you tell me how to fix this so that the Nurtrition with carb is printed?
  2. NLV
    I am allergic to eggs and cow dairy. My doctor (MD alternative/natural) doesn't want me to consume even goat dairy as it raises insulin reaction. He recommends Paleo for me as I am also allergic to gluten and do not digest grains or legumes easily. So, a lot of the recipes won't work for me. If you can eliminate the grains and cheese, that would be helpful.
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  4. Sharon Himmelman
    Tell us how much meat or eggs etc equal how many carbs!
  5. Dee
    How do I get the Macros or nutritional breakdown on the recipes.
  6. Vidhya Hariharan
    Hi Doc, greetings from India!
    I would be greatly privileged if you would add more of pure vegetarian Indian recipes in keto diet list. Pure veggie - no eggs no fishes.
    Thank you.

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