Low-carb tips for home and family by Team Diet Doctor

Here’s episode three of our fun video series: Low-carb tips with team Diet Doctor! Planning, shopping and cooking food for an entire family is often a time-consuming task. In this third video, we will tell you our best tips to do low carb at home with the beloved families. You can watch a preview above. Stay tuned for more!

Transcript for preview above

Bjarte Bakke: Well, I have to be totally honest; at home I’m not the one cooking. My wife is the chef, she is a great chef. I’m not a great chef. She cooks almost all our food so for me… I’m absolutely living the low-carb dream at home.

Kristie Sullivan: At Diet Doctor, we are so grateful for our members. We love hearing your stories and we love seeing your success and we hope that all of these tips help to increase your success.

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