Low carb a “safe and effective solution” for type 2 diabetes

Low-carb diet

People with type 2 diabetes are still advised to eat a high-carb diet, and the common result is a chronic and progressive disease.

Is there scientific evidence that the more logical choice, eating fewer glucose-raising carbohydrates, works better? Sure, as this new review concludes:

A carbohydrate restricted diet can provide a safe and effective solution for improving diabetes management and should have a place within the diabetic guidelines. The diet was effective in reducing postprandial hyperglycemia and glycaemic variability…

There were significant reductions or cessation of diabetic medication reported throughout the literature alongside a reduction in the psychological aspects of living with a long-term disease. It is possible that the current [high-carb] dietary advice may actually accelerate beta cell exhaustion…

Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 2017: Should a Low Carbohydrate Diet be Recommended for Diabetes Management?


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