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How do you make it simpler to stick to a low-carb lifestyle in the long run, and maximize your benefits? That’s what we want to assist you with. Making low carb simple is our mission, and here’s another practical hack that you could start using today.

Try the ketogenic diet

When trying to lose weight, we certainly want our bodies to be fat-burning machines. And the best way to do that is by making sure that you’re in ketosis – our body’s high-gear, fat-burning mode.

So how do you get into ketosis?

How to get into ketosis

You eat low carb (preferably less than 20 grams of carbs per day), moderate protein (approximately 1 gram per kg of desired body weight) and fill up with healthy fats. This drives your insulin down greatly, so that your fat burning can really get going.

You can also try adding in some intermittent fasting and exercise to ramp up your ketone production.

If you want our full guide to the ketogenic diet, here it is:

A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Are you in ketosis? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Elizabeth
    Wowsers I have just had a protein epiphany, 1 gram of per kilo of desired body weight! Even though you keep saying moderate protein I must have missed this. Thank you.
    Reply: #4
  2. Eric
    Another great hack is five day fasting mimicking diet.
    Walter Longo or your own version.
    I !like butter and cauliflower . 250 calorie per day and desired amounts of butter.
    One Pound frozen in am and one pound pm
    Two ounces of butter per Pound of vegetable is enough for me.
    Check blood suger. Mine will drop below 60 by day five.
  3. Clinton
    In the beginning getting beyond the "fat eating" barrier and actually getting enough fat was the main issue for me. There is certainly much more to it than simply getting down to 20g of CHO, that's actually the least of it. I've found that ample amounts of Macadamia nuts did the trick, one can easily reach their fat calorie count with Macadamia nuts added to the diet, but watch your protein intake, it's very easy to go overboard on this and end up in "no man's land" when you are new to this diet. It's also hard balancing out your diet if you hate most vegetables, you'll have to find more creative ways to fit some of the "least of the worst" of them into your diet. Take your time and learn how to make the "fat sauces", like the hollandaise & Béarnaise sauces, they'll really pay off.
  4. Gingerbread
    I agree Elizabeth! This was an epiphany to me too! I have never seen or overlooked the phrase 'desired body weight'! That is a game changer for me, time to recalibrate. Thanks Diet Doctors!
  5. Carol O
    Nothing prepared me for the mental health benefits of the ketogenic diet. I really want everyone to be this healthy and happy feeling.
    Why weren't we told about this sooner?!
    I tell everyone who asks about dietdoctor.com and also some who don't. ?
    Please keep doing what you are doing.
  6. Imaginette
    So.... if I'm reading this right, and say you want to way 160 pounds (or 72.5 kilograms), you are supposed to have 72.5 grams of protein a day? What does that even look like? An egg has 6 grams of protein, so I'm assuming we're talking about the nutritional value. A chicken breast has 38 grams in a cup of chopped chicken. A piece of steak around 62 grams... so we're talking about not a lot of protein in a day? Color me confused.
  7. Patricia
    I went from Ketogenic diet to plant based protein but I really want a (Vegan) plant based Ketogenic diet as I know it will work! Is it possible? No fish no meat no dairy. Zero animal proteins
  8. Rachel
    Such a great and informative article! Look forward for the future posts about diet and fitness hacks!


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