Is low carb an extreme diet?

Is Low Carb an Extreme Diet? – Answers to Common Questions
Is low carb an extreme diet? It’s a common belief, so how do some of the top low-carb doctors in the world1 answer this question? Check out this new 6-minute video, that so far has a 4.9 out of 5 rating.

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  1. Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Dr. Ted Naiman, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Cate Shanahan.


  1. Apicius
    Funny how "low carb" is supposedly extreme diet, while "low fat" is not. If an alien landed on earth, you would have a hard time convincing that one is extreme while the other is not. Yet we stupid humans bought into it.
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  2. Marion
    Sugar has entered the Western diet five hundred years ago, and the AMOUNT of sugar we eat has multiplied tenfold in the last 150 years. Corn oils and their like also only saw the light 150 years ago (and isn't it amazing that obesity has been steadily on the rise since... 150 years ago). And even during these past 150 years, when we've been eating things we've never eaten before, and for which we are not evolutionary adapted, things only came to a head when governments started to recommend eating more than half of the daily calorie intake as carbohydrates and eating less than ten percent as fat, something that human being have NEVER done. The high carb, low fat diet recommendations were, as one scientist (I forgot his name) remarked, "a giant experiment on the American public". And yet, somehow, this Frankenstein low fat, high carb diet is 'normal' and eating LCHF is 'extreme'?

    Well, I do believe that eating some carbs would be totally fine if OUR METABOLISM WASN'T TOTALLY SCREWED BY DECADES OF EATING SUGAR AND VEGETABLE OILS, thankyouverymuch. If my body had a normal insuline sensitivity, I would be joyfully eating potatoes, rice and sourdough rye bread, as human beings also have done for untold centuries, without it doing them any harm. But since my metabolism has been screwed over by fifty years of sugarbombarding, courtesy of the Frankenstein diet recommendations of the past half century, it reacts to those starchy foods by jacking up my insulin levels 24/7.

    In many ways, LCHF is the logical consequence of that great experiment of the past fifty years.

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