The low-carb doctor who couldn’t be silenced

Can it be dangerous for a physician to talk about nutrition with his patients? So dangerous that the authorities tell him to never, ever talk about nutrition again?

Dr. Gary Fettke is a low-carb messenger who, in a similar way to Professor Noakes in South Africa, authorities have tried to silence. All for giving his patients empowering nutritional advice, like avoiding carbs for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Fortunately, Dr. Fettke absolutely refuses to be silenced. In our interview, he explains what has happened to him. And why it is a matter of principle to stand up against dietary dogma.

You can watch a segment from the interview above (transcript). The full video is available on our member site:

The Doctor Who Couldn’t Be Silenced – Dr. Gary Fettke

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  1. Pam
    The link to watch the interview with Dr. Gary Fettke is broken....
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  2. Jan
    Tried to watch full video for members but could only access the Preview.
  3. Marsha
    It's broken for me as well.
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  4. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor
    I'm sorry - fixed the link.
  5. RT
    Thank you for your courage and dedication, Dr. Fettke. I hope you can take some encouragement from the outcome of the Tim Noakes case.
  6. Wenche Havsholm
    I can access the previews only, as a member
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  7. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Wenche!

    You have to be logged on as a member, that's usually solves the problem.

    I can access the previews only, as a member

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