Low-carb cruising


Now we’re about to set sail on this year’s Low-Carb Cruise in the Carribbean. Ports include Belize, Isla Roatan (Honduras) and Cozumel. There’s plenty of cool speakers lined up, like Robb Wolf, Dr Jay Wortman and Jonathan Bailor. Should be fun!

Hopefully I’ll get the internet to work on the ship, otherwise you’ll hear from me in a week.


  1. SeniorKeto
    Stay away from the pastry tables at the buffet. ;)
  2. Enjoy the roast!
  3. Carbs are still fine as long as we take them in moderation... and only complex carbs as well! No refined carbs like white bread
  4. Michelle
    @ Alvin - so nice that you are able to speak for the population of the Earth.
  5. Sunny
  6. bill

    Haven't followed this site much, have you?

  7. I didn't know they had low-carb cruises. That's great!
  8. paleozeta
    i always said that: low carb, high life!!
    please distribute the lectures like previous years. if it is a message that has to break through it should be creative commons or similar otherwise it will have it hard to overcome sad, ada etc.
  9. Yes, would be really good to get hold of the different lectures.
    Btw, since no post in 3 days i assume internet did not work so well on the cruise? :)
  10. That sounds absolutely amazing. In fact I know it is. My wife and I did a Med cruise with Caribbean cruises and knowing what those cruises are like for food (it is like a never ending supply), it's funny that you you're attending a "low carb cruise" :) Enjoy!!

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