6,500 people signed up for the low-carb challenge. Day 4+5 results.


Three weeks after launch over 6,500 people have signed up for the free low-carb challenge. Are you one of them? How is it going?

Here are the results of day 4 and 5 on my two-week low-carb challenge. Very tasty but I guess I get no awards for my iPhone photography skills this week (clickable recipes to the left, my results to the right). However eating leftovers for lunch every day is proving a great time saver. Awesome.

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  1. Becky
    My husband, son and I will complete the two week challenge tomorrow. We have all experienced some weight loss, the guys more than me as expected. My husband would never agree to "diet" however our son motivated him to join the challenge. As a family we have shopped for weekly food together, cooked together and cleaned up the kitchen. Our daily conversation have been about how we feel on this diet, what's on the menu, and how much weight have we lost. The true blessing in all this is my son and husband both now have more energy, don't feel tired and bloated, they have learned how to eat healthier and are embracing it as a life style change. My husband has also experienced less issues with sinus/allergy and less gastro intestinal problems. I have had a diet of eating whole-non processed foods for many years and it's wonderful to have my family on this journey together. Our family unity and bonding in this endeavor that has developed was an unexpected gift. Our weight loss is husband 11lbs, son 9 and 2 for me. So the question we have kicked around is what's next after this 2 weeks? Do we continue with same plan or change it up? Any advice would be helpful! Thank you Dr Andreas to you and your team for the great resources and support.
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  2. carol
    question the same as Becky, finished the challenge and lost 2 llbs, 4 more to go and I will be pleased. But what happens next, would love some more weeks planned. It has given me an insight into what ratios I should be eating, been low carbing for years, with a blip now and again!!
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, we'd love to offer follow-up weekly meal plans and shopping lists for those who want to continue. I'm sure we will soon. Alas, they are not done yet. So repeat the program or construct your own using our low-carb recipes or others.
  4. Anne-Marie
    Hi, i tried the 2 week challenge. The recipes were tasty and filling however i put on weight in the first week so i tried fasting in the second week and returned to my previous weight. I also suffered badly from constipation sorry about being graphic. I do feel better apart from the constipation but i think it is because i think i am intolerant to dairy and there was sooo much dairy in the recipes. Do you have a way of increasing the fat content without adding dairy? I am going to have a look in the recipes. Would be interested in seeing more weekly planners as they were great.
  5. Vicky
    Ive lost 8lbs in 4 weeks - nothing short of a miracle and the most weight I have lost in 10 YEARS since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2006. But I do need to be strict for it to work, 20g carb and 16:8 fasting and alcohol free. Im 56 - it gets harder as you get older but this is working. Many thanks Dr Andreas. I love this website.
  6. Toni
    First time trying LCHF, I'm down about 4 pounds over the last 12 days and 1-2 inches which I'm ecstatic about! The food has been great, exhausted from cooking every night (we usually go out 2-3 times a week) but having lunch ready every morning has been a lifesaver, it's kept me out of the cafeteria at work and has saved us time in the morning. I'm not a huge bread or pasta eater so that part has been easy, but, living in the Northwest, beer is my weakness. I think reducing that has been a major component of the weight/inches lost so I'll keep it up.
    Will continue to try out the additional recipes after the challenge and hopefully reach my 25 pound goal by April, training for an 8k in March as well.
    Thank you for putting this all together and making it so easy to follow - loved the shopping lists and the way the meal schedule was set up on the site, looking forward to my continued membership and learning more about LCHF.

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