Low-carb censorship? The Magic Pill comes under fire

We recently reported that the great movie The Magic Pill was now available on Netflix in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. But will that continue to be the case?

Over the weekend, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called on Netflix to remove the documentary from its online catalogue, due to fears that it will cause vulnerable people to shun medical treatment.

But celebrity keto chef and producer of The Magic Pill, Pete Evans, stands his ground:

Modern medicine is fabulous and vitally needed as we do say in the film,” he said. “However, when 70 to 80 per cent of illness is dietary or lifestyle related, then should prevention be a considered approach?

“The information that is shared in the film by leading cardiologists, neurologists, doctors and scientists has prevention at the top of their priorities and [the dietary suggestions are] to be used as an adjunct to modern medicine.

Thankfully, Netflix appears to be keeping an open mind on the matter. A Netflix spokesperson commented that:

We program for a wide audience and we recognise that in doing so some of the content may be controversial, but we hope that it helps to convey the unique perspective of the story and the storyteller

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If you haven’t already seen The Magic Pill and are wondering what all the fuss is about, watch it now on Netflix or on Amazon Instant Video! You can also watch the trailer at the top of this post.

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  1. Mike
    I've been practicing keto for months now and am a full believer in its weight loss ability. But that documentary was full of fear-mongering and anti-science nonsense.
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  2. Mike
    It shows how out of touch and dictatorial the AMA has become. You’d think, listening to the nonsense from their spokesman, that this was 90 minutes of eccentric personal opinions from Pete Evans. In fact, it’s an intelligent and well put-together documentary with interviews from leading scientists and doctors. The statement from Bartone was hypocritical as well, since he stated that people should go to their doctor for dietary advice and yet his organisation has tried to gag Dr. Gary Fettke for doing just that.

    You have to ask: why does this disgusting organisation not want this film to be seen? Just what are they trying to hide?

    What one hopes is that their actions will actually help to gain it publicity.

  3. Kaitlyn
    Iv been on the keto diet since October 2017 with tremendous weightloss as well non scale victories such as lowering my BP TO a normal rate, lowering my ore-diabetic blood sugars to normal blood sugars, my pain scale went from an 8/10 to a 2/10, i havent experienced any anxiety or depression symptoms in 8 months. I have a clearer thought process and am more focused and I sleep 100x better and wake up rested.
  4. Imright
    lol a science documentary
    0 evidence for anything they claim in there
    A big fat 0 ZERO
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  5. Matt
    I loved this movie. The AMA complaint makes me ashamed to be an Aussie, but it does demonstrate the huge mountain we will have to climb.

    This movie never claimed anything - it just showed a whole lot of n=1 anecdotes. What are people so afraid of here? Afraid that these ideas will turn out to be true, and scalable across a wide population?

  6. Greg
    This is not medicine. Very disappointed Diet Doctor would endorse
    Big downgrade for DD.
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  7. Debby
    I support the message, "The Magic Pill" is trying to get across and out there. I have been full Keto for over 6 months. My husband for 4 months. I have lost over 45lbs and my husband over 35lbs. My husband's a1c is now 5.6 he was near 7. I have convinced my dad and his wife to eat keto. My dad's A1C was 9.7. He was type 2. They started less than 3 months ago and my dad's A1C as of last Friday is 6.7. His neuropathy has lessened much. This is the right way to eat. It is time to stop pushing the drugs and re-educate people on how to eat and to eat healthy.
  8. Caroline
    We are coming up to 50,000 memberships on this site alone. I have been a member for a year or so and yet I only visit the site every now and then, usually to check out a recipe. Why do I continue to pay membership each month if I am don't use the site to it's full extent? The answer is simple, I want to support those who have even the slightest chance of getting this message across.
    Have any of the Doctors/Specialists on this site considered a privately funded clinical trial? I would donate! It might not be much but if every person who follows a keto website donated to a properly registered clinical trial, maybe we could clear this whole mess up once and for all.
  9. Fiona
    The more I see of Pete, the more I become a convert.... and I'm coming from a history of trying full vegan, low fat. It's not that I have a strong passion for the man, but more, I try and I do, and it works... that turns into an obvious choice.
  10. Terry Rossi
    I stand behind the speakers of the truth. This info is he truth. The magic pill is a truthful source of information as is diet doctor and Chef Pete. The doco was so well done but more importantly it was TRUTHFUL.

    AMA and other authorities mean nothing to me, they have hidden agendas, are motivated by where the funding comes from which is the carb lobby and don’t give a damn about my health.

    I like the Chinese model to pay a doctor to keep me healthy not pay into a system that wants to keep managing my illness with drugs that keep them rich.

  11. Roberta
    I'm 57 years old and have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I'm 5'7" and when I reached 250 lbs I knew I had to do something. I've tried every diet in the book (Weight Watchers, Shakes, Calorie Counting etc) and nothing worked. I finally thought I would give Keto a try since the idea behind it made sense. I've been on Keto for 7 months now and have lost 66 lbs and I'm still losing. The weight loss is amazing but what I have been most pleased with is the way I feel. My thinking is so much clearer, I have boundless energy and I have been able to discontinue my blood pressure medication. I was a firm believer in Keto before I saw the movie but after I watched it, I had sister, daughter and son watch it. Because of that movie they have all started their own Keto journey and have seen many of the same extra benefits that I have. This movie was so informative and really reaffirmed that I am on the right path for the rest of my life. It would be a crime if it was removed from Netflix.
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  13. Don
    Perhaps you would like to elsborate Mike. I have been doing keto for over a year and a half and gone through a lot of studies and challenged my MD and others.

    The AMA are dead set against low carb as is the dietary sssociation that drummed out Dr. Fettke. In all probability they are indirectly supported by the Seventh Day Adventists who are vehement vegans but who also control a huge part of the processed food market in Australia - do your homework.

  14. Carly
    "AMA president Dr Tony Bartone says the Netflix documentary could potentially mislead some viewers."

    Does he mean to say that the current nutritional guidelines have mislead people leading to millions of premature deaths and illness??? This film had led 3 of my dear friends to follow me into keto with excellent results. The AMA are running scared.

  15. Carol
    I began Keto December 4 2017 and have lost 26lbs so far. My sugars are now normal as is my A1C at 5.5 and I am not prediabetic. My good cholesterol has improved by a point and my bad has gone down 2 points. My triglycerides are low now. I am off one BP pill. My health is now fine and I have lots of energy and think clearly. This diet works.
  16. Josie
    I have using the Keto diet pill for a month, does not work like they say it does. Can't tell any difference in adding it to a low keto diet. A lot of hype for nothing. Save your money. Another scam!!!
  17. Linda
    If Netflix acquiesce to pressure from the AMA to withdraw this it's akin (imho) to bowing to 'BIG Pharma' and let's face it BIG is the operative word. Kudos to the producers of this documentary. I continue with the DD keto plan and am happy with the results. I'm sending a note to Netflix to tell them if they withdraw it they can cancel my subscription. These types of documentaries are what people want to see and they should be widely available everywhere. It's a very well done documentary.
  18. Trish
    Having been on Keto since Jan 2015, my healthcare professionals express their delight and amazement with my trouble free health state at 60+ yrs - no medication and steady weight. On the last checkup my doctor mentioned having watched The Magic Pill and was blown away by it, particularly with the progress of the 2 autistic children - you can't fake their improvement. The AMA should take heed of what happened in South Africa when Dr Tim Noakes was challenged and the result after 2 years of judicial review. LCHF/Keto is going to happen and big business, pharma and fat cats in the medical profession need to watch out. Can't wait for the day the food pyramid is corrected and millions of people start their recovery.
  19. Mark
    This morning from Pete Evans on his Facebook page:

    "Hi everyone (including the AMA and mainstream media.). I am pleased to announce that after speaking with Netflix today, they have decided to release The Magic Pill globally across their platforms in different languages. They have also decided to also extend the contract for another year instead of the initial 12 months first offered, as it is performing extremely well in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ. Also you can now purchase THE MAGIC PILL on DVD and blu Ray from amazon and have it shipped worldwide. These are my copies that just arrived today [pictured on his facebook] and I will be doing a giveaway later this week. So now if you would like to play the movie in your homes, schools, offices, hospitals or anywhere, or give as a gift to someone, you now also have the opportunity. Thank you to everyone, once again for helping to spread the message of this important film. ??"

  20. Jay
    How clueless is the AMA? Don't they realize they've only ensured that many more viewers will want to check-out this "controversial" film? ( And if they hate it, I love it.)
  21. Mark
    You must be confusing Magic Pill with What the Health... Care to elaborate on both your points? Begging the question is a fallacious argument.

    I've been practicing keto for months now and am a full believer in its weight loss ability. But that documentary was full of fear-mongering and anti-science nonsense.

  22. John B
    Prior to Diet Doctor - my health history was 4 heart attacks / quad by-pass / high BP (180/125) / no energy / tired all the time/ and the final straw - type 2 diabetes / and strictly following the supposed 'low fat' diet weighing 125kg.
    15 months after being introduced to Diet Doctor - BP 125/75 / weight 102kg / blood sugar now 5.6 - in the healthy range with no need to medication with energy to burn.
    I have no doubt - sugar is poison. What doesn't make sense, is my cardiologist and gp both endorse this program and yet the AMA is one of its most vocal opponents - go figure.................
  23. Patricia A
    I watched the film and found it very good to watch. Not at all inflammatory against doctors or good medical practice.
  24. Marie
    I started LCHF / Keto just over 5 weeks ago. In less than a week my gut issues stopped and haven't returned. I've also lost 3.5kg, my energy levels are fantastic and my mood is really great. I'm 60 and I've never felt this good in my life.
    In my opinion, the harm caused by the current dietry guidelines compares to the damage caused by the use of Thalidomide by pregnant women in the 1950s. It was a worldwide tragedy that was ignored for years before the horrendous side effects were revealed.
  25. Wanda
    I just heard about this documentary and look forward to watching it. Like a previous subscriber I am a Member but have yet to take advantage of the videos or recipes. I mostly read over the emails but when I thought of cancelling I thought of all the people who are being helped by this site. I will continue to be a member in hope that my contribution along with others will make a difference in the lives of those who are truly struggling with their weight and diabetes. I lost a nephew who could not get the weight off after many attempts. I wish I would have known about this years ago.
  26. Rob Gallagher
    Dear AMA,
    Australia consistently demonstrates far more common sense on so many social issues than we do in America that your assessment is surprising! Get together, make some popcorn and watch the documentary again, then some of you give it a try for a few months then... revisit.
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  28. Deanne
    We watched the Magic Pill and LOVED it.. we have been eating the Keto way for 6 months now and my husbands Diabetes is reversing...his BG levels are coming down down down.. and my blood pressure had dropped from 185/90 to 118/64 - and we have both lost weight.. I lost 20kg .. its so good to be slim again..not just "normal" buy optimal!! IT was hard to get used to at first but we have adapted and intend to keep eating this way... we feel fabulous now... Aches and pains gone too. and we are 67 & 78 yrs old respectively so no spring chickens.. it's never too late !
  29. Judy
    I thought the documentary was poorly done and did not explain the science behind Keto well. The movie jumped all over the place and I would like to see a more thoughtful, better written and edited movie. That said, I have started Keto two weeks ago, feel great have lost a few pounds and looking forward to helping my husband decrease his blood sugars, hypertension and high cholestrerol.
  30. Sandi
    I loved the movie and since then have started eating keto and lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks!! Yes it works and I will continue this lifestyle.. everyone should b eating this way.. it’s incredible and thanks to the movie my eyes were opened.. so thank you Netflix for this informative documentary!!!!!
  31. Matt
    Hey Mike. What science or anti-scince was presneted that was nonsense? What I saw were real stories from real people. I also remember seeing a statement at the front saying that they did not claim the stories were typical, and that all scientific statements would be backed up with references. So what science was quoted that wasn’t backed up? What anti-science nonsense was quoted?
  32. Matt
    Hey Greg, what was wrong with it?
  33. Dirk
    Your criticism is rather shallow. If you want scientific evidence do some real research of the medical literature. The reality is that most people report enormous benefit from the Keto diet. If you are open minded enough to look at a comprehensive study of all published research read The big fat surprise by Nina Teicholz.
    Our personal experience with the Keto diet has been close to miraculous. Massive weight loss, reversal of diabetes, no more sleep apnea, acid reflux or painful joints or high blood pressure. The best part is we longer spend a fortune on medication. The losers have been our doctor and the pharmacist

    lol a science documentary
    0 evidence for anything they claim in there
    A big fat 0 ZERO

  34. Tasha
    This was a great documentary. I made sure I watched this with my older sister. She lives in Japan where she was diagnosed with diabetes 2. She has a major sugar addiction and eats tons of baked breads, sweets, and fruit. I am visiting her and I am blow away how much sweets she eats and she knows she is diabetic. I mean alot!
    As I watched the documentary she told me that her Japanese doctor told her she can still eat sweets just take her medication which as I understand it just removes the excess sugar from her blood. What surprised me is her doctor told her she can continue eating this way!! He did not even inquire about her diet of sugar! She was convinced she could continue eating that way as long as she had the medication. I had to preach and tell her he was wrong and she needs to follow keto/low carb diet for her health. She refuses because it does not involve fruit, nature's candy so it cannot be healthy for her. So frustrated. Any advice?
    I've been on this Keto Lifestyle for 2.5 years I'm, 58 years old. I've lost 30 lbs (back to my 30 yr old weight). I no longer suffer from Inflammation, IBS, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol , Joint Aches, Back Pain and I never feel sluggish anymore. I started out reading Joe Dillian "the Dillian Difference" which covers all of the science behind the diet. He also has a monthly newsletter. I needed recipes so I joined the Diet Doctor Website. There are 5 people in my office that have switched to a Keto lifestyle and I've watched each one of them lose weight and come off medication. First the Statins go, then the BP medication and the few that were Type 2 Diabects have completely reversed it. I was the biggest sceptic when I first heard about the diet, and now I'm feeling younger, lighter and healthier. I have children in their 30's and they've all seen a complete transition in my health and overall appearance. All 3 have decided to make the lifestyle change along with me. Thanks NETFIX!! I recommend watching "Rotten" next, we need to know what's going into our food.
  36. April
    By all means, let's follow the doctor's advice. He's a nice man. I want to go to him every month and get loaded up with toxic scripts instead of letting my body heal with decent food. SMH They think we're idiots and need them to be our hall monitors. Or should I say kitchen monitors. Whatever it takes to stop us from finding a better way than western medicine. It's a business. There isn't one doctor out there that gives a rat about us.
  37. Misty
    All I know is when I eat Keto I loose weight and BS goes down. My joints don’t hurt !! Dr should listen to how we feel when we eat things not what they think is best for us!!
  38. Dianne
    Thank you Peter Evans for making this documentary, and thank you Andreas Eenfeldt for leading the way to making this all possible.

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