Low carb bread: Another fairy tale bites the dust

Fake LC Bread

The market is full of unlikely claims about low carb versions of bread, pasta and chocolate. I see no reason to take these marketing claims at face value. Like the debacle with Dreamfields fraudulent “low carb” pasta shows, these claims do not necessarily have anything to do with reality.

Next up for testing: Julian Bakery’s delicious Smart Carb bread.

The marketing

Interestingly the Smart Carb #1 bread is baked on whole grains, yet it is claimed that only 1 gram out of 13 grams of carbs are digested. Sound familiar?

Julian Bakery

The words “Net carb” on the packaging is enough to make me suspicious. “Net carb” usually means that someone is trying to sell you stuff by telling you a fairy tale.

Is Julian Bakery’s bread an exception?

Jimmy Moore’s n=1 experiments

Jimmy Moore took the challenge and tested the bread in different ways. Not surprisingly his blood sugar went straight up, even though he ate the bread with coconut fat and cheese.

Like the decent man he is, mr Moore allowed a marketing guy from Julian Bakery to respond. Amazingly that guy blamed the cheese, and claimed that the minimal amount of lactose was the problem. Their bread couldn’t be the reason. That sounds a bit… unlikely.

Anyway, Jimmy Moore did a new test, eating only the bread and nothing else. This is the result on his blood sugar:


Without the cheese the effect of the “Smart carb” bread was even more drastic… exactly the way usual bread acts.

Smart Carb bread FAIL

This is just another confirmation of what should be obvious. If it looks like bread, feels like bread and tastes like bread, that means it is bread. Bread made from grains turns into glucose in your gut, raises your blood sugar and can lead to weight gain.

Lots of people still want to believe that they can eat “Low Carb” bread without the problems of other bread. They will say that experiments by one man proves nothing, that everybody has to test every new product for themselves to see.

To that I say: bollocks. Test for yourself, sure, why not. But if you blindly believe in the “Net Carb” marketing that means you’re living in fantasy land. If you keep having a weight problem it may be time for a reality check.

Better health and weight loss is achieved by eating real food low carb. Not by eating fake LC products.


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  1. Glen
    Anyone who believe an education in Nutrition means they know the facts is sorely mistaken.

    Obesity Researcher Zoe Harcombe has an education in diet and nutrition, and tells people quite bluntly on her blog:

    "When I am asked to recommend a course on nutrition I can’t. I am not aware of a single programme being offered anywhere in the world, which is evidence based and which presents facts, rather than the current myths presented as facts. "

    Source: http://www.zoeharcombe.com/2011/09/nutrition-where-will-a-student-be-...

    For someone educated at Cambridge, and who has a diploma in Diet and Nutrition, and well as Clinical Weight Management to say so is amazing. Most people with her background keep saying the same-old lines about saturated fat, etc.

    So I don't have much respect for Ricky or his kind. Especially when he doesn't know the difference between meta-analysis of studies and a true RCT. When I developed diabetes the dietitian my Dr. referred me to wanted me to eat 300g of carbohydrate a day. Needless to say, that didn't help my blood sugar. I lost 70 lbs in 4 months eating what was basically LCHF (though I didn't know it) with staggering amounts of food (as much as 4,000 calories a day - I'm a big hungry guy) and exercising regularly ... and gained muscle at the same time. I'm now 6'3" and 220lbs with a 34" waist. (OK, the 34's are a little tight... but still... I can see my abs for the first time in 30 years...)

    There's been many RCT's trying to prove the lipid hypothesis, that saturated fat causes heart disease, cancer, etc., and none can. Nearly a year after diagnosis my A1c was cut in half (12.1 to a 6.0) and I'm still trying for that elusive 5% club, my lipid profile is vastly improved (a year ago my Dr. was trying to put me on statins), and I eat way more saturated fat than any dietitian or nutritionist thinks is healthy, LOL.

  2. Dasha
    So glad to have found this article! I've been eating Smart Carb bread on and off for nearly two years. Every time I eat it I gradually (and "mysteriously") start gaining weight -- but the label always makes me think that it's ME, not the bread, that's making me gain weight. I made the mistake of ordering 4 LOAFS of the stuff the other day, and sure enough, 4 days later I'm up nearly 3.5 pounds. WTF.
  3. candi
    hey, try sprouted wheat bread it doesnt effect the glucose levels as much and yes i have tested it!
  4. dieta
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  5. Biogirl
    Hi everyone,

    After reading this entire thread (and additionally cringing at many of the comments), I just wanted share MY experience. I tried JBs Smart Carb breads a few months ago after deciding to go back on a low-carb diet. While I don't test my BG levels, I do weigh myself every morning at approximately the same time. I'll have 1-3 slices of their bread a few days a week, and it doesn't seem to effect weight gain. In fact, I have been continuing to lose weight while eating the bread. So perhaps, maybe, just maybe there are individuals out there whose BG levels don't rise as much as others. The amount of fiber in the bread is high, and therefore, undigested by the human body. Thus, unable to affect BG levels. Perhaps it's the 1-2g of carbs that is left in each slice of bread that is throwing you all for a loop, though, it seems unlikely to me. But, each person responds differently. We were all created uniquely. God bless. And do what works for you.

  6. FrankG
    @Biogirl... it sounds like you are happy with what you are doing but "Blood Glucose" does not equal "weight" -- although there is an indirect relationship, you cannot determine one by looking at the other.
  7. Biogirl
    Though, blood glucose affects whether your body burns fat or stores it. Now, if no other factors are changing, then one could assume that this (blood glucose levels and lack of insulin spikes) is what is causing a weight fluctuation.
  8. Katie
    May I suggest video google: "Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They're Good for You." Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D." (a cardiac surgeon). Also book "Heart Frauds" Uncovering the Biggest Health Scam in History by Charles T. McGee. M.D. Thank you!
  9. Art
    Ricky (aka Mr. Richard Coston?),

    I am a scientist in another field, and a first-time visitor to this blog. I stumbled across this thread by accident while searching for low-carb breads.

    I tend to agree with you that you have been spoken to impolitely by some of the commenters here. I regret that lack of civility. You seem intelligent, nice, and eager to help people.

    At the same time, I'm concerned that you announced your scientific credentials -- apparently in order to claim nutritional expertise -- then failed to define them appropriately, and then ignored requests for clarification. As we know, proper disclosure of credentials is widely expected of anyone who calls himself a scientist. One might even view proper disclosure of credentials as a basic expectation for scientists.

    To be sure, leading scientists are quite capable of misconstruing things. But the absence of outstanding scientific credentials nonetheless matters to many readers of a blog like this. I think rightly so.

    I think that any reputable health scientist will readily make the following information easily available to the public (not only via private email correspondence). At the very least, I think they will post the information after it has been requested of them. But so far, unless I'm missing something, you've provided none of this:

    --The name(s) of institution(s) and program(s) which they completed.
    --Their GPA in an undergraduate program (if they did not pursue a graduate degree).
    --The name(s) of their co-authors, supervisors, and major mentors or employers.
    --The titles of their published scientific work.
    --The title of any written thesis produced in partial completion of their degree.
    --The receipt of any honors such as honors awarded for a thesis, membership in sigma chi or cum laude graduation.
    --Probably most important of all: The SPECIFIC, SKILLED, SCIENTIFIC TASKS they performed on each research team that produced a published reports. Just for example: Did a co-author just use their bakery as a way to gather or test food samples for some primary investigator...or did that co-author propose the study, create the scientific design of the study himself, and write up the results for publication? Those very different roles on a published paper would have entirely different meanings. In my view one support an author's claim of relevant scientific credentials, and the other absolutely does not.).

    Of particular interest to know, since you cite it as a credential, would be the name and institutional affiliation of the preeminent pancreatologist who supervised you -- and for how long and in what capacity you were affiliated with him or her (For example: Were you employed by him/her for pay, or did you volunteer? Were you responsible for specific skilled scientific roles in your collaborations, and if so, which specific tasks were you primarily responsible for?)

    Much of this disclosure of your scientific credentials would be easier to handle by posting a link to your curriculum vita (CV). Perhaps it is posted on the Julian Bakery website? I cannot find it there, as of today.

    I've cut-and-pasted your comment in which you propose to "settle" the question of your credentials below. In that passage, you do not "tell [readers] about me" in any way that I would expect from a scientist.

    In my experience, most scientists simply do not offer, nor accept, such vague summaries as if they properly represented one's credentials.

    Finally: Are you Richard Coston, the co-owner of Julian Bakery? Or is "Ricky" somebody else at Julian Bakery? There are blog posts on Julian Bakery which suggest to me that "Ricky" and "Richard Coston" are are the same person. But there are also different email addresses listed (Richard@ versus Ricky@). So it's confusing.

    Again, my sincere regrets for the earlier impolite tone of some commenters, But... it's really time to clear all of this credential stuff up.

    Best wishes, -- Art

    POSTED BY RICKY (AKA CO-OWNER RICHARD COSTON?) FROM JULIAN BAKERY: "Reading through some of these ridiculous posts makes me somewhat hesitant to get involved. However you asked about me, so I will tell you about me. I graduated with a BS in Human Nutrition in 07 from a top 25 Nutrition program. Upon graduation I worked with one of the worlds finest Pancreatologists studying enzyme production, pancreatitis and its treatments, as well as certain vitamin deficiencies. I have had multiple research papers published as a co-author, and am still waiting as a couple more are still in the cue. Now that's settled, let's set the record straight on saturated fats..."

  10. bobdog
    Well, here's another anecdotal story.

    I'm type II, and my doc waved an insulin pen at me when I saw her two weeks ago and told me my diabetes was getting away from me, with an A1C score of 7.2 (not good).

    Not that I mind the pen, mind you, but I do mind changing my meds - it was hard to find the right pills that didn't mess me up inside. So I made a deal with her to retest me in six weeks, and I've been on an exercise and diet regimen ever since. Making good progress.

    Anyway, I tested myself this morning and read 98. Then I took my pills, had two pieces of Roman Meal toast, and went for a 20 minute hard and sweaty bike ride.

    I retested as soon as I got back. Even after the bike ride, I read 243, which is the highest reading I've had in a long time. Two pieces of bread. Nothing else. Hard exercise. And my sugar spiked. This is current personal experience, not "a friend of a friend told me" story.

    I'm convinced. I'm off bread for a while.I might as well be eating Oreos.

  11. Natasha
    I ordered 6 loaves of #1 carb bread after being in ketosis for two weeks and losing 10 lb. after I got the bread (which is very good) I ate three slices per day and I gained all the weight back that I lost. I do NOT believe this bread is low carb AT ALL and I won't be buying it again, the reviews on the site have to be fake because people are saying they stayed in ketosis on this bread and lose weight on it which, is why I decided to buy it.
  12. Natasha
    I am not a diabetic or overweight, I just want to lose some weight and maintain 110-125 weight, but eating Julian Bakery bread makes me GAIN.
  13. Christian
    I watched the youtube video of Jimmy's interview of Heath and it seemed cordial enough. Personally, it seems as if there was some sort of lack of communication between you two. Jimmy, I'm sure you can imagine that this is Heath's business and he is going to take any attack on it pretty personally, as I'm sure most people would (except if you're a very humble person, which I include myself in this category). And Jimmy, you obviously are the type of person that just wants to have the truth be out in the open and have others judge for themselves what is going on. Now to tell you the truth, I have had a chance to try ONE loaf of this bread. I did not go crazy like some other people probably did and eat the whole thing in 2 days, but I had about two slices every 3 or 4 days on a sandwich with either tuna, ham, or some other protein. In terms of the blood sugar, I am not diabetic and therefore do not have a blood sugar measuring device readily available, but I will tell you that apart of a low carb diet and exercise, I managed shed quite a bit of fat in the three weeks that I used this bread. Now, is that to say that it was the bread alone that allowed me to do this? No, but it probably helped me curb my appetite for regular high carb breads by getting something that tasted good and was low carb at the same time. For those that are diabetics though, it really goes back to what Heath said in that interview with Jimmy, and he actually did state it a few times, check out the testimonials and really at the end of the day decide for yourself. If you want to order a loaf: order it, test it out with a blood sugar device if you want, and see if it's right for you. Realistically, we all react differently to various foods. For those whose blood sugar levels spike when eating this bread, don't eat it. For those of you whose blood sugar levels don't, congratulations, I'm glad you found something that will help you live a healthier lifestyle. But realistically guys and girls, we all have our opinions but it is up to any given person to decide whether or not they want to test it on their own. Just be a responsible adult and make an educated decision. I am sure Jimmy's results are completely legit, as well as some of the results of Heath's customers, now it's time for you guys to make your own results. All of this coming from a guy who really has no credentials in any of this other than the fact that I like to be educated on all things that I am putting into my body. It really is a shame to see so much hostility over such a seemingly small argument. Jimmy and Heath both seem like good guys, I wish you both the best. And Jimmy, good luck with your embryo adoption, God bless.
  14. Jeanne
    I have been reading all your comments with interest. I recently bought Julian Bakery's Carb Zero bread, not to lower my carb intake, but in an effort to find a gluten-free bread that tastes good. And I've found it! The discussion here deals largely with weight gain. I'm wondering if poor nutritional habits might not be the culprit. For example, we have a post from bob dog that says his blood sugar spiked after eating two slices of bread for breakfast after a great deal of exertion.bob dog, do you think your body might have needed some high protein food to balance out that bread? Try one slice of bread and an egg white omelette with assorted veggies, or go all out and eat the whole egg, yolk and all. I'll bet you'll see a difference. Natasha says when she got her bread, she ate three slices every day. Why? How about an open-faced sandwich (one slice) for lunch accompanied by lots of fresh greens, and have a high protein breakfast with no bread. Ditto for dinner. Biogirl, on the other hand, claims that she eats the bread every few days and it doesn't affect her weight gain. This sounds reasonable. Come on, guys, anybody who is going to go through a loaf of bread in a few days, eating it in large quantities every day, will have trouble. We know that, right? Get most of your carbs from heathy fresh organic veggies. Your weight will be fine!
  15. Joycee
    I have been eating Julian Bakery Smart Carb breads for over a year, have tested my blood sugar many times and NEVER experienced a blood sugar spike. Medical degree or not, your experience may not be everyone's experience. It seems a shame to be so ugly about the low carb products just because it did not work on you.
    I also eat Dreamfield's pasta and do not have blood sugar spikes with that product, and get full. I knew there was something different when I ate the pasta, and wasn't hungry an hour or 2 later.
  16. Yoly
    Which mean absolutely nothing Joycee & Jeanne many people can also eat regular bread and get no high blood sugar response. The issue is this bread is market for people with metabolic and blood sugar issues, with a supposed low net carb that doesn’t deliver as promised in the label. So everyone planning on buying this bread should know and not be fool by the label and the deceptive marketing.
  17. Hala
    Thanks. Someone posted link to your site. Great reviews.

    One more fake low carb product: The Quest Protein bar...
    It was sold to me as high fiber, low carb (4-6gr) all natural... Yea, not so much...
    I have Reactive hypoglycemia and I did a lot of damage to myself when I was "fooled" into buying and eating these.
    My questions to the manufacturer - they blamed me or other products I was eating. One day _ I just measured my blood sugar reponse - in 20 min my BS got from 100 to 200... 15-20 min after I ate one bar... Great.. The company ? Still blamed me...
    "... there is nothing wrong with the bars..it must be just you" "...you are the only one..."


  18. I had a patient that had the same experience with this bread, post prandial BG spiked to 170
  19. Ronnie61
    I'm not a diabetic, however, because my A1c is high normal, I decided to start testing my blood sugar after eating to see which foods drive up my levels. My sugar seems to be highest one hour after eating and by 2 hours it's always well under 120. I ate two slices of lightly toasted rye bread with an American cheese egg white omelet the other day and tested my sugar an hour later. It was 149 (before I ate, it was 88, 2 hours after I ate it was 103). This morning I ate one slice of Julian's Smart Carb #2 bread with a hard boiled egg and some pistachio nuts. An hour later my sugar tested at 119 (before breakfast I tested at 95). So, for me, the Julian's bread does not affect by blood sugar as much as regular bread. And at the same time, I'm getting 14 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber which I don't get with regular rye bread (if I believe the label). So, I plan to continue eating it, in moderation of course.
  20. Bishop
    Doesn't taste all that good, either. You're better off buying/eating Ezekiel Bread. A lot cheaper and tastes much better. (However, I've given up all wheat products recently)
  21. Zepp
  22. GEM
    Wow... I don't know what to think anymore. I've been eating this Carb #1 bread for about 10 months. And I mean eating one loaf every 2 days. Yeah a big investment and a lot of bread. I have a hamburger for lunch everyday... Replacing the bread with Julian's. Have grilled cheese and regular old cuts sandwiches everyday even for breakfast. Anyways, not only did I lose 40 lbs but I have kept it off for at least 5 mths now with no effort. My cholesterol is the lowest in my office. Sugar levels are extremely low and my blood pressure has dropped to teenage levels coming from constant high blood pressure a yr ago. And I get tested every month because they do it at my work for free.

    As i said, Now after reading the information not sure what to think. I eat more bread now than when I was overweight. I easily get into ketosis wIth this bread. So for now I'll stick to it. Although, I hope this bad publicity lowers demand so they lower the prices. Iwill probably invest in a bread machine soon and make my own bread.

  23. Zepp
    Well now you know!

    And you probably know now that you not that sensitive about carbs eighter!

    I do think its low GI, but not that low in carbs that they says on the labels, but its low compared to other breads anyhow!

    Its juste a problem for diabetics, if they need to take insulin if the carbs not right on the label!

    And what do you know.. what is a favorite to swedish lowcarbers that not so hardcore?


    7 carbs a slice, with a lot of butter and chese!

    Its not black or white.. its more about get less carbs, and some more fats!

  24. I tried their Carb Zero bread. BG control was overall good but it cannot be zero carbs as they claim. Perhaps I'll blog about it, since I have the data. My guess is their Carb Zero bread has at least 5-10g carbs per slice. I did a cross experiment with gluten-free brands and had similar results with breads containing 10-15g net carbs.

    I don't do SmartCarb breads as they seem not to be gluten-free. My guess is, for the Carb Zero breads, Julian's Bakery may be just adding together the ingredients' nutrition facts without considering the finished product. Usually, the ingredients (such as oat fiber they use for Carb Zero) may have roughly equal fiber per carbs but you simply can't have that as the finished product when you're adding other ingredients like egg whites, psyllium, etc. Plus the baking process increases carbs, just like roasting sweet potatoes increases carbs vs. boiling them.

  25. kit carballo
    I've been eating Julian one carb bread for 2 years!lost over 50 lbs of weight and i feel GREAT.I think you will go after any thing that is good,I love this bread,and if you look how GOD said to make bread its the same way!!!..Very healthy for you.period!!!!...
  26. Debi
    I lost on my no carb diet , one reason I ordered Julian's bakery no carb bread It was molded all three loafs after ordering it it arrived 2weeks later , not fresh but very molded and the bakery to this day has not bothered to respond to me or my emails, so product stinks and the service is worse so don' t waste your time or money! Check the reviews they are horrible and the service is horrible!
  27. Debi
    I lost on my no carb diet , one reason I ordered Julian's bakery no carb bread It was molded all three loafs after ordering it it arrived 2weeks later , not fresh but very molded and the bakery to this day has not bothered to respond to me or my emails, so product stinks and the service is worse so don' t waste your time or money! Check the reviews they are horrible and the service is worse than any I have
    Ever seen!
  28. Alex
    Wow. Interesting "debate" I stumbled onto on this blog.

    I just wanted to say that I'm not a diabetic and I never test my blood sugar levels so I have no idea of the impact Carb Zero bread has in that regard. But in terms of weightloss. Zero Carb bread has been great for me.

    It's interesting..based on the tone and personalities that disgareed with Julien Bread's and its people on this blog I find myself wanting to side with the Julien Bread folks. But whatever for all I know the Julien Bread guys are scummy folks too. haha

    Here's what it breaks down to people:

    If you're diabetic: Be ware when trying this bread and do your own testing!

    But if you're trying to lose weight, even Jimmy Moore can't deny this bread will keep you in line. I ate one slice a day every day during induction on the South beach Diet and lost 10 pounds. Over the course of the following two weeks, I lost another 5 pounds. 4 week...15 pounds. I ate one slice of Zero Carb Juliens Bread every single day in the morning with eggs and cheese and sometimes with bacon or ham.

    EDIT: One thing I want to add about Jimmy Moore. Dude sandbagged an advertisor!! LOL. You know he can't be lying even if he and his friends/colleagues/whatever come off as pretentious asshats.

  29. 1 comment removed
  30. Ronnie61
    Thank you, Deborah, for all your time and effort looking into this issue. Another company has been blatantly lying on their labels too, Eat Rite frozen pizzas. Arnold Diaz, the investigative reporter on FOX 5 in NYC, exposed them on TV. He sent their pizzas to an independent lab who found that their claims of low fat, low calorie and low carb were blatant lies. The video of his story is here if anyone is interested: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/18071984/false-nut . I don't understand why companies would do this. I stopped eating the Julian bread when I noticed that my blood sugar was spiking too much after eating just one slice. The first time I ate it, my glucose did go up (as I wrote previously), but not as much as subsequent times. So, I crossed Julian Bakery and Eat Rite products off my low carb list. Thank you again.
  31. Ronnie61
    I just read that Julian Bakery has changed their bread recipe and is providing access to their lab testings to verify the nutritional accuracy of the products. I received an e-mail from the store where I usually buy the bread with the above information. Julian Bakery writes about the new bread formula at their website. I looked at it briefly, and according to the nutritional label the new formula has less calories, more protein, less total carbs, but slightly more net carbs and a lot less fiber. I intend to buy a loaf and test my blood sugar afterwards.
  32. bonnie nelms
    the julian bakery smart carb breads were a MIRACLE for me. allowed me to eat 2-3 slices of bread every day and lose 25lbs doing so, all the while feeling completely satisfied. i eliminated other grains and starches from my diet and only used this bread. i told everyone i knew about the bread which created such a demand in our local market that they couldn't keep it in stock. everyone was having fantastic results. ppl were driving several hours to get the bread here. i certainly don't condone false advertising, but the bread worked for me (and many, many others) as advertised. plus, it tasted really good.
    i was not aware of all this controversy. just did a search after i tasted the new bread and was horrified at the spongy consistency, zero taste, and virtual elimination of fiber. couldn't imagine why a company would change a product that was so popular they couldn't keep up w/demand. i plan to return the loaves i just purchased and will not buy again. i feel a big sense of loss for what was a major staple in my diet. there was just nothing like it on the market.
  33. dennis
    I sent an email to Julian bakery asking why they changed the Low Carb #2 cinnamon raisin formula that I enjoyed so much. The nonsense answer i received just did not make sense so I returned the four loaves I had just bought and the Lady behind the counter said every single loaf of the new product that was sold has been returned by customers and now they stopped selling it. She said she called Julian and complained and they told her outright that they had to change the formula due to problems with the recipe. The new recipe is not edible. it has a rubbery consistency, literally rubbery, and tastes strange. Obviously they have been lying about their bread for years. I hope they get fined or sued out of business. What they have done is unconscionable and they should be made to pay for it.
  34. BikeCommuter
    I used to buy and eat this bread. I found after eating it for awhile that it was wrecking my blood sugar. This bread is a fake and a scam, it is crap!
  35. Lea
    I too LOVED the original Smart Carb formula from Julians Bakery. I just bought 4 loaves of the newly formulated version and it is HORRIBLE...INEDIBLE!

    I emailed them with my comments and they honestly said they reformulated because of the other formula was impacting blood sugar levels.

    I let them know that the new version was INEDIBLE and they said they were sorry but for now they have no plans to alter the breads. The new versions, both the Paleo and the Smart Carb, are equal to eating a kitchen sponge...ick!

    Does any one have suggestions of alternative breads that taste good?

  36. Kelly Prata
    I contacted the bakery and they reformulated the bread on Sept 1st 2012. Here is the lab test http://www.julianbakery.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Smart-Carb-Lab...
    This bread does NOT spike my blood sugar and taste good for a low carb bread.
  37. Steve
    I followed the link to the test results and I can't understand any of them. I fail to see any translated results into what their label claims. I had just placed a big order as I thought that 0-carb bread would be perfect for my weight loss. I came across this site, and promptly cancelled my order based on the comments here. I am appalled that any company would market any product knowing full well that their label is totally wrong. It may be legal, but it is morally WRONG! I'll NEVER buy from this company.
  38. bonnie nelms
    replying to steve...and anybody else w/a weight concern. i have written before to state my huge disappointment that the SMART CARB BREAD as i knew (and LOVED!) it has vanished...reformulated into something like a wet sponge...inedible. i do not have blood sugar issues, so can't address that aspect. however, i lost 25lbs while eating 2-3 slices of this bread DAILY. in the cpl months since the old formula was done away with, i have gained 12lbs, even though i have been doing nothing differently...EXCEPT using ezekial bread...which has little protein, little fiber, and contains sugar...and trying to find ways to make up for the lost fiber. so...whatever negative things ppl may say, MY experience with the smart carb breads was wonderful. there is nothing even remotely close to it on the market. and there are HUNDREDS of ppl who had experiences similar to mine. my local marketcouldn't keep it in stock, no matter how much they ordered. ppl were driving for several hours to get it since that market was the only place in my state that carried the bread.
  39. Nascar
    WOW. I was just getting ready to order some of the Smart Carb #1 bread and stubbled across this blog. Now, I don't know what to do. I was excited about finding a very low-carb bread, since bread is my biggest weakness. Not sure what to do now.
  40. Ronnie61
    I actually just discovered a low carb bread by Pepperidge Farm in my local Shop Rite called "Carb Style". It comes in whole wheat and 7-grain. It has 5 net carbs per slice, no sugar, 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. And it tastes like real bread. I recommend it.
  41. Paula Dalby
    Hey! I really liked your comment, "Better health and weight loss is achieved by eating real food low carb. Not by eating fake LC products." It's the message I got when I read the entire Atkins diet book 10 or 15 years ago. Eat REAL food--not fake stuff.
  42. Al A.
    I used to make my own low carb bread with eggs and protein powder. It does take a considerable amount of time to prepare. If you're always on the go, JB has a better product for people wanting to go on a low carb diet. This bread isn't made with flour, but with psyllium, and oat fiber. It has more protein than regular bread as well.


  43. Liz
    What is your opinion on home-baked goods? I have been making several low carb breads, pancakes, and other treats using coconut or almond flour as the primary ingredient.
  44. Zepp
    Its probably better then grains!

    In Sweden there are a lot of books for baking with LCHF.

    They use almond and coco nut flour and erytriol as swetener.

    It shouldnt be any problem if one is healty.. but could if one have problem losing weight?

  45. Hi every one!
    I am a newly learned diabetic and have used Julians low carb bread a number of times. I dont now though. I am trying to loose weight and am cutting out bread..or trying. The bread wasn't that bad at spiking my blood Sug. levels..it just didnt taste that good. Very high protein which is good but it took 4 minutes to brown and didnt taste like bread. The best thing to do (my opinion) is to eat an open face sandwich and use the smaller thinner bread that you like. Just smaller portions. Hey, bread is bread. The full on white bread of course is always the worst.
  46. LisaS
    I was a regular buyer of the Julian Bakery Smart Carb #1 bread and was wondering why they had recently changed the bread to a 4 carb bread. Now I see why. Thank you Deborah Krueger for standing up to this company and getting answers. I am a LC dieter, my husband is Type II and we have been LC for about a year now. I used the Carb Smart #1 bread mostly to make meatballs or meatloaf and would only use about two slices for two pounds of ground meat. From time to time I would eat a slice toasted. My last order to them was for their "new" breads which simply taste horrible. The Carb Zero tastes like cardboard but has a rubbery sponge-like texture. The Paleo bread made from Almond meal is more palatable. I never doubted that the carb content was a bit higher than the claims, but it was always much less than any bread I could buy in the store locally. Overall though, I don't think much of the company. I've posted a few comments to their Facebook page, trying to give my honest feedback about the products only to find that they were removed. That in itself tells me that they are not the kind of business that is being honest with their customers.
  47. Update from Deborah Krueger

    I have recently launched a new website at: http://www.julianbakeryinfo.com

    This website will give you all the information you would might need to have before you decide to buy (or buy again) any Julian Bakery products.

    I have now had a total of 5 JB breads tested and none have been close to what are the stated label nutritionals. Three are on the website and these are the other two.

    Amazing Sourdough: JB says 60 Calories 10g carbs 6g Fiber 6g Protein 4g net Carbs
    Testing Showed: l01 Calories 18g carbs 4g Fiber 4g Protein 12g net Carbs

    Manna From Heaven: JB says 85 Calories 10g Carbs 8g Fiber 5g Protein 2g net Carbs
    Testing Showed: 62 Calories 12g Carbs 3g Fiber 2g Protein 9g net Carbs

    Anyone, who believes anything that Julian Bakery has ever said, is truly living in the fairyland dust which is the theme of this thread.

    Julian Bakery has never been a fairyland, only a very Grimm (pardon the pun) fairytale at anyone's expense who has ever purchased their products.

    Again, if you has any questions you are welcome to call. I am on PST

    Deborah Krueger

  48. dennis
    I am currently eating and enjoying Omega Power Bread by Healthy Joy. It is Delicious, healthy, and low enough in Carbs to satisfy my Requirement. Look it up.

    Nutrition Facts

    Bread Omega Power Bread (Healthy Joy)
    Serving Size: 1 serving
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 78.0
    Total Fat 2.5 g
    Saturated Fat 0.0 g
    Polyunsaturated Fat 1.0 g
    Monounsaturated Fat 1.0 g
    Cholesterol 0.0 mg
    Sodium 20.0 mg
    Potassium 0.0 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 5.0 g
    Dietary Fiber 4.0 g
    Sugars 0.0 g
    Protein 9.0 g

    Vitamin A 0.0 %
    Vitamin B-12 0.0 %
    Vitamin B-6 0.0 %
    Vitamin C 0.0 %
    Vitamin D 0.0 %
    Vitamin E 0.0 %
    Calcium 2.0 %
    Copper 0.0 %
    Folate 0.0 %
    Iron 8.0 %
    Magnesium 0.0 %
    Manganese 0.0 %
    Niacin 0.0 %
    Pantothenic Acid 0.0 %
    Phosphorus 0.0 %
    Riboflavin 0.0 %
    Selenium 0.0 %
    Thiamin 0.0 %
    Zinc 0.0 %

    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

  49. dennis
    I am currently eating and enjoying Omega Power Bread by Healthy Joy. It is Delicious, healthy, and low enough in Carbs to satisfy my Requirement. Look it up.


    Nutrition Facts

    Bread Omega Power Bread (Healthy Joy)

    Serving Size: 1 serving

    Amount Per Serving

    Nutrition Facts
    Bread Omega Power Bread (Healthy Joy)
    Serving Size: 1 serving
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 78.0
    Total Fat 2.5 g
    Saturated Fat 0.0 g
    Polyunsaturated Fat 1.0 g
    Monounsaturated Fat 1.0 g
    Cholesterol 0.0 mg
    Sodium 20.0 mg
    Potassium 0.0 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 5.0 g
    Dietary Fiber 4.0 g
    Sugars 0.0 g
    Protein 9.0 g

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